I haven’t done this in awhile and it really fits my mood right now. 


Gotta love getting hopes up. I got an email asking about Avon products, got back to her, she sent me her list… would have been a good order… If I sold Mary Kay. Oops.


Last night Kalila got up when Baba got home… The way she was acting I seriously thought it was gonna be one of those nights she sleeps w/ us… but no as soon as the lights went out she told me she wanted to go to her bed! I was so excited lol.. She did come back really early in the morning, but… still. 


Got a chance to chat with one of my cousins a few minutes ago. Was nice… I hadn’t talked to him in a long time and he’s overseas now so I wasn’t expecting to anytime soon either. Didn’t talk long, but that’s kind of a given lol.


Tomorrow is my next prenatal visit… The big one. Glucose test, anemia test, antibody test… Fun fun right? No I’m still looking forward to it. Kalila told me that she is too lol. 


Oh I did make my first Avon sale the other day.. A CafeMom/Facebook friend. Very grateful for that… Hoping its a good sign for this campaign too.


I’ve been a bit behind in my laundry lately… Not that I haven’t been doing any, just not as much as normal… but I did notice that I hit the 20 load mark this morning. I’m serious about keeping up with how many I’m doing because I really want to know how much it makes :-).  

On a similar note, I found an alternative recipe that does not use Borax. Uses the other 2 ingredients the same, but Oxi Clean instead of Borax. Is another thing we keep around, so I’m thinking about testing that out too. I don’t care for Borax much… it does its job but I hate working with it. 

Oh and I found Washing Soda at HEB… Whoo hoo for not having to order it online when we run out! 


I got some cute pics of Kalila last night… and a video… I’ve gotta upload it on You Tube before I can post it here though. And You Tube is not working 😦  Here’s my favourite of the pics though… 


Thinking about veggie soup tonight but not sure exactly how I’m gonna do it. A bit nervous after my TZ stew fiasco the other day lol. 


Very proud of Kalila right now.. She’s eating pistachios and throwing the “shovels” (what she calls the shells) away in the trash. She’s been throwing them on the floor and I finally got her to stop that… just today. Just a little while ago lol. 


Wondering why there’s got to always be that one person that’s gotta be rude? Don’t worry not talking about on here lol… 


Settled on a veggie/rice soup. Hoping it turns out.. No plastic so far lol. 


I’m ending this now, I’m beyond loopy. Kinda tired… Lots to do.. been coming back to the computer in between other things and can’t focus for anything lol.  Gonna see if  I can post that video on the side of my blog though… When I get the desktop back.. Kalila stole it.


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