I don’t know if you can see it… but Kalila got into my eyeshadow here. Got more between her eyes than anywhere else, but she tried lol. I didn’t even try to get a shot of her w/ my powder on the next day… you couldn’t see it very well. As annoying as her getting into my makeup is, I had to laugh at that one. She actually put it on correctly!

Just cute… Those were one of the pairs of shorts she got for Christmas (from Tia Banay). I have to say I love the length on them lol. Is so hard not to have her… diaper… hanging out of most of them.


Had to laugh at myself yesterday… I had one of those “Africa” moments and nearly started crying. It was really strong though because 2 things happened at once… a Dido song came on and then we passed by something that smelled strongly of diesel while it was still playing. Baba was laughing at me too… which was actually what got me laughing. Wasn’t a bad thing though, just brought happy memories.


I got my supplements yesterday. Was kind of surprised because I hadn’t looked one of them up yet (the Chlorophyll tablets) and didn’t know it was also a breath freshener lol. Apparently it has lots of uses. I want to call and double check the dose on the Yellow Dock, but my phone needs to charge.. slightly annoyed with it having been left off right now. 


We’ve finally gotten a few things for Zavier. Mostly because BRU had a sale going on lol. 

We picked up a few packages of white onsies… we had some w/ Kalila, but they’re all 12 and 18 month sizes because someone (I won’t say who… Baba) wouldn’t get any before she was born thinking we because we had them on the registry we wouldn’t need too… Uh yeah, everything NB size is pink lol. So we got those… and a few outfits that were both on sale & clearance. They had the clearance stuff set to buy one get one for .99 – which was great. Was kinda hard to find the sizes I wanted in ones that would work for the weather, but still… I’m excited, we finally have something blue lol.

We also got his tub thing. We’d planned on waiting on it… thinking it would be more and take up more space. But we found one for $14 that’s perfect, it folds up and everything. Is only for up to sitting age, but that’s fine because we pretty much stopped using the baby tub around then w/ Kalila anyway. Even better someone handed us a coupon when we were in line so we used it on that too lol. 


Kalila got a couple packages of Gerber training pants… Haven’t used them long enough for a real opinion but I think I like them.


We also had to get Kalila new shoes this weekend. Silly girl keeps growing! She’s in a size 8 now… and I really like these shoes. Little running shoes. With laces. I like laces.


I forgot to mention it last week, but Baba is back in classes. So far he seems to like them. One sounds really interesting. History of English… They’re starting out w/ Old English right now. Fun fun. The other… I forget what it is (American Novel? something like that) has a few books that I’m looking forward to reading when he’s not using them lol. Gotta love being married to another English major!


Ok good, got my question answered… was exactly what I was thinking, but doesn’t hurt to double check right? 


I guess I need to get going, prob could say more… but I’ve got a lot to do.


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