28 Week Pictures/Video

Ok managed to get some pics taken today… I wish I could get some better ones, but… I’ve seen the ones Kalila gets so no help there lol. And Baba keeps getting distracted so… none there yet either. These will have to do. 

I don’t know if you can tell but I was holding onto my shirt in one lol… Since I’m home and had stuff to do was wearing one of my reg shirts and it keeps riding up.

I got video’s too… I  did that when I was pg w/ Kalila, but there were all on an old phone and gone now. Very sad about that and didn’t want to miss out on them this time… Since Zavier’s kicking so much more now I thought it’d be a good time. 

Unfortunately it took me quite a few takes to catch anything… and the best one I got I can’t post. Kalila was talking up a storm in it and just being cute… and Zavier moved quite a bit, no big kicks.. he just hasn’t been doing that today, but still. And my favourite part… Silly goose told me that there’s two Zavier’s in there! Ummmm no!!!!! But… she’s only in a diaper and walked across in front of the camera & I’m just not comfortable posting that anymore. If it was from the back maybe… or if she was younger… but no. Sorry! Really is a cute video though!

The  one I did get is much shorter, and not as eventful… but Zavier did move some. I think I got some good bumps in there. I still need to watch it to see how well it showed up on here though. I think I said something in the video itself, but you may hear Kalila “crying” too.  Not real crying she just wasn’t happy about bedtime. After I finished shooting this she came back in here, asked for hugs, kisses and tickles and then put herself back to bed lol. I  really should go check again though… Is very quiet so she’s either sound asleep, or getting into trouble!

Ok, I’ve seen it… and can kinda see him moving… Is hard to tell, is mostly towards the end (or at least easier to see towards the end). Gonna get off here now 🙂


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