More About Kalila

It seems like I have a new story to tell about her every day… but that’s probably because I do lol. I wish I could remember them all, but I’ve been bad at writing things down lately… Off the top of my head though…

  • She got her toenails painted for the first time tonight. We used purple nail polish and she’s so proud of them. Keeps talking about her purples. Yes, I got pictures. 
  • She’s doing really well with night potty training again. The day is still hit or miss, but she went 4 or 5 times last night. Now… some of those she was forcing because she gets so excited about the whole thing lol.
  • All the sudden she’s asking for milk. Good right? But she’ll only drink it if I add chocolate :-/  I even tried blending blueberries the other day to add and she still insisted on the chocolate along w/ them. 
  • Her last two teeth are coming in… The top back molars. She doesn’t seem to be doing to badly w/ it though. I haven’t had to give her anything for it. But the next few things I’m wondering if this has something to do with…
  • She’s backsliding on the sleeping in her bed thing. A few days ago it got particularly bad… We’re adjusting bedtime stuff and trying to fix it. The past couple nights haven’t been too bad, she’s still coming to our bed but its later in the night/early morning again. 
  • All the sudden she’s talking about nursing a lot. Not just the fact that Zavier will (although she does still say that), but she’s saying that they’re her boo’s and that its yummy… and trying to snuggle up next to them. Thankfully that’s as far as she’s going with it. I expected that after he’s born (and not kidding myself that we may not again, because we prob will) but can’t figure out why now… unless its the teething thing? 
  • She’s also started telling me that she’s a baby. A few days ago she literally said “I’m not a big girl, I’m a baby!”  :-/  Another thing I’z expecting after Zavier gets here…
  • She’s also being extremely lovey.. even for her. She’s constantly asking for hugs and kisses. No complaints… I love it… 
  • Lots of imagination going on here… Right now she’s sitting next to me playing w/ her Dora Backpack toy.. putting a Grover in it and talking up a storm about something or another. She turns blocks into cars, trains, phones, etc. 
  • Yesterday she choked on food for (I think) the first time… Poor thing. I wasn’t sure if she was or not at first… was just coughing. I asked her if she was choking and she said no, then excuse me.. but then started coughing again. A second later she grabbed her mouth and threw up… all over herself, the floor and Kimosimi. When I saw she was ok I asked her to get a towel, got one myself.. and she cleaned herself and the cat up (I’m still shocked, he laid down and let her) and I got the floor and finished cleaning her up, what she’d missed. While all that was going on she told me that she choked and talked about it for awhile afterwards. 
  • She’s started this thing where she starts saying her abc’s when she sees writing on something. 
  • LOL I just yawned and she asked me if I’m tired, I said yes and she told me to go to bed.
  • The other day she pushed me out of her room and told me to go finish dinner… 
  • She told Baba that she didn’t want him to leave for work the other day… both sweet and sad at the same time.
  • As much of a Baba’s girl she was before… That’s really setting in now. He’s the one she wants at night. She gets so excited when he gets home… Asks for him constantly.
  • I took a break from this because she wanted to play w/ a sticker book. I thought it was too old for her when we got it, but she pointed at one part and said “space” the other day.. .shocked both Baba and I… so when she brought it over today I did a couple pages w/ her… dinosaurs and space. She loved it… 

I could go on but after that break I can’t even remember where I was going w/ this lol. Bedtime was rough tonight… and I’ve still gotta hang up laundry and make dinner for Baba before he gets home. Another dinner that is… none was left of ours lol. Btw.. if I’ve repeated anything from another post, I’m sorry… I realized the other day that I did that. Oops. Brain is off somewhere…

Before I go, a few more pics I got today…


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