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I knew Kalila would wake up from her nap grumpy… I just knew it. I was right.. I got into her room (despite her trying to shut me out) and she yelled at me to “Open and close the door”  while she held it open and pointed. I asked her if she wanted me out of her room and she nodded yes and screamed “Go out there now!” and pointed again. So I walked out and I still hear her screaming (hopefully it will stop long before I publish this since I’ll be coming back to it a little at a time lol) and she just said something about “I don’t want it”. Who knows. I feel bad for her when she gets like this…


On a much more positive note… I seem to really be getting my energy back. I’m trying not to get my hopes up still, but its more consistent. I am still noticing I need breaks more than I feel like I should… and Baba pointed out that I need a nap in the afternoon lol more often than not lol. But still. I’ve been productive lately (and not just for a day here or there like before) and it feels good.


So much for Kalila not wanting soup for dinner lol. I made minestrone soup and she kept saying she didn’t want soup… until she saw me sit down w/ a bowl. She polished off two bowls full and asked for more! Unfortunately the can only made 3 so none left… good thing  I made garlic bread too, she’s still munching on that. Also glad I still have some leftovers for when I get hungry again later!


More random Kalila updates…

She’s started telling stories that start with “one day” or “one night”. Sometimes they make complete sense, like “One day Mumble climbed on my back”… sometimes she drifts in the middle and babbles for awhile before getting back to real words. The ones that make sense usually have the same sentence repeated a few times over the course of the story, but still cute.

She’s also working on the whole I am, he is, you are thing. Is right in that cute mixing them up stage… like saying I are. She actually does better with he or she is and you are… but when she’s talking about herself she almost always says it differently. We’re working on it, but at the same time it makes me smile… Is just cute.



I am very happy with that right now. I have $20 worth of Amazon gift cards saved up so far… and over half way to another $5 to add to that. I know several people who are doing this to save up for Christmas gifts (which is a really good idea), but right now we’re thinking about anything we might need after the move. Is still a ways away so its waiting of course… but I’m excited that we’ll have that extra money to do it with. Esp since its something I really haven’t put a lot of time into either… I just use it when I need to look something up (which I guess could be quite a bit lol… I randomly come back to the comp for this or that throughout the day lol).


 I was sad to hear recently that the International Breast Milk Project wasn’t taking anymore donors… I mean its great that the attention they’re getting had filled them up with more than enough donors, but I had my heart set on that one. Why? Because (normally.. I’ll get back to this later) while the larger percentage (75%) of the milk donated goes to sick babies here in the US, the rest goes to Africa. I can’t help it, I’ve always had strong feelings about Africa (before I can remember even) so that really calls to me. And the fact that I’d also be helping babies here at the same time makes it even better.  But until a sec ago I thought it was gonna be out since they said they couldn’t take more donors.

I found another milk bank a lot more local… In Austin. Mothers Milk Bank… And because they’re the main one for the area here there are local drop off sites that are very easy to get too. Most of the milk goes to premature and sick babies here in TX and the US.

But like I said it looks like they’re signing up donors again. I’m a bit confused though… its tied in with the disaster relief program so they’re sending new donors straight to another organization… which Mothers Milk Bank is a part of. That may solve my dilemma right there… if they do start taking donors again after Zavier is born I’ll have a big decision to make. Both seem very doable though. And either way I’m very excited about it…


I think I mentioned awhile back that we wanted to try Gerber training pants and that we got some… I’m surprised… We’d bought the Potty Patties thinking they’d be better than Gerber, but we actually prefer these! Yes they are thinner… but they seem to hold just as much. And the legs fit much, much better… at least on Kalila. I know diff babies have diff shapes, but for her they are perfect.


😀 I actually won something tonight! A $10 gift cert to Only Bandana’s. If I remember right it’s good for Cover Your Hair too… but don’t quote me on that lol. My winnings could be doubled if 2 of you add them to your blog rolls before they email me the coupon tomorrow (and let me know obviously so I can email them first). Please? No, I’m happy with the $10 but 20 would be nice too lol. Desperate need of underscarves here… and these would work perfect.


Kalila had a blast helping me w/ laundry today. Wish I had video or pics of her unloading the drier lol, but instead just these of her playing froggie in the clothes I was about to hang up!


More Kalila camera fun… Only she got ahold of the camera this time. She was so excited lol.


And I got a shot of her in both pairs of her new shoes. We got sneakers last time, but didn’t think about dress shoes. It hit us Sunday she needs them pretty badly… and we found crocs too… somthing she really likes. 


These were taken a few days ago… She insisted on having pigtails for like 2 days in a row. I loved it!


And before I go… slightly embarrassing story. Saturdays we’ve been going over to the duplex. A good part of its just to let Kalila run around outside, but its nice all around. Well, this weekend we grabbed taco’s on the way and decided to eat outside on the pick-nick table… Not thinking about the fact we’d discussed the bench on one side probably needing to be fixed, I sat down next to Kalila and went to lay out a napkin… When the bench broke clear in half. Yes I went down… Thankfully not very far… The side that hit the ground the hardest was where I’d gotten my shot (of course), but it really didn’t hurt… just embarrassed me pretty good.


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