Mmmm Blueberries

Kalila’s been talking about blueberries all day. It didn’t help that Dora went on a berry hunt this morning lol. So I promised her I’d make her a snack w/ some this afternoon… good thing they were on sale last week!

Well naptime came and poor Kalila woke after only an hour thanks to a nightmare… So glad she calmed down quickly. I think making our snacks helped, she certainly had a blast.

Instead of doing what I really wanted (and still plan to do when I have more time) I cheated a bit… We got crescent rolls, spread cream cheese on them, added blueberries & rolled them up, with an extra berry on top.  Kalila loved counting the berries out… but I had more luck having her count the ones she was sneaking than the ones we rolled lol. 

Before they went in the oven…

After done…

And a few pics of Kalila eating her snack. She’s still at the table right now lol. 

They did taste pretty good so I’m happy with it… Nice quick snack.


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