Decisions – Car Seat Edition

Thankfully (or not  so thankfully depending on how ya look at it lol) we don’t have to worry about this anytime soon. 

With Kalila my parents offered to get her a travel system.. Very nice, we were grateful (still are). Unfortunately new parents = knew nothing and did a lousy job picking one out… We got this: 

Ok, ignore the unsafe addition to the straps… I told you we knew nothing lol. And I laugh because I’m saying that kind of tongue in cheek… I’m sure I’ll catch other things we should have done differently later on too (whether its with Kalila, Zavier or whoever).. is normal.  I think those things are still on there though, will get chunked when I pull it out of storage.

It is cute… I’ll give it that… but like I said, not the best seat.  And I’ve learned (the hard way lol) that I hate travel systems. But… We had no accidents, it does work, and hasn’t expired yet… So its coming out for Zavier (and will be sent off to be recycled after he outgrows it since it’ll be pretty close to expiring at that point). 

In a perfect world we’d be going straight to a convertable seat this time. I know we’re gonna have to get one sooner or later anyway so I did spend my time researching which I want to get:

Nice right? Very good carseat (will RF much longer than the seat Kalila’s in now and will harness longer too) and for a decent price… My guess is, if he’s anything like his big sister, we’ll need to get it when he’s about 6 months old or so. That’s the plan… But a very annoying plan because silly Target has decided to put it on sale now instead of then. $30 off would be nice lol… but no. (Pic is from Target btw, not mine) 


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