Working Out and More

I’ll be perfectly honest here… I have not kept up w/ working out like I wanted to this pregnancy. We got me a prenatal video that I really like, Belly Baby, but between things I need to get done around here, Kalila, having no energy, etc… it just hasn’t happened as much. Plus I end up sore every time I do. Not in a scary way, isn’t my stomach or back or anything crazy… its my arms. I have no strength in them at all and I can’t make it through half of the workout without them getting sore. Yes, I do realize if I did it more often that might stop, but still lol.

Anyways, tonight I tried again to get back on track… Kalila got so excited. I wish I’d had the camera out in the beginning when she was doing more of it, but I was kinda busy lol. A couple of funny things though… she got mad at me for not pulling out my yoga mat, and did it herself. And… She told me at the end that she needed to take a break. I wonder where she got that from? (yes I took several lol). Funny on my end.. at one point you have to squat down, not something I have trouble doing (thankfully) but I lost my balance and ended up on the floor. No worries, wasn’t far to go and I had padding underneath me (thanks to my loving daughter). I sat there for a second and laughed, paused the video and took another break. 

I did try  to catch some on camera at the end. Ignore the floor I need to vacuum agian already, but waiting until little miss goes to bed lol.  There’s a (short) video too, but youtube isn’t letting me post it yet.. oh well.

Beyond that.. another funny story that happened tonight. Kalila put Mumble in time out (and told her that). I have no idea what for, but she was very emphatic about it lol. She also managed to put lotion in my hair a minute ago. Yuck. 

On another completely random note… Once again I got off my menu schedule  already… But I made bread today (something I haven’t done in forever). Tried a new recipe and it seems pretty good to me. We’ll see what Baba thinks when he gets home lol. We ended up making turkey, cheese, tomato, avocado & spinach sandwiches (plus pickles for me) on it. Mmmm


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