30 Week Checkup

You’d think having an appointment later in the day would help us not be late… but… once again we were. No worries though, only a few minutes and they were in an appointment (2 week old baby… so cute!!!), so it worked out well.

While we waited Kalila played with toys… as usual. They had one we hadn’t seen before this time… a dr’s bag with a stethescope and stuff. Kalila went crazy over it. We had to get pics. 

Of course we didn’t end up waiting long… and the appointment went pretty well. I guess it could have been better because I had traces of stuff in my tests… but its nothing to worry about (seriously). Drink more water, cranberry juice, eat more protein, start taking my cranberry tablets again, and get more rest. We talked about probiotics too… decided it’d be a good idea too (and picked up some Lebni on the way home).

Some of  it caught me off guard, but not really… Was looking for something online yesterday and accidentally found BabyFit (is part of SparksPeople). Out of curiosity I looked around on there and put in my meals yesterday… which I thought were nice and balanced/healthy… well mostly yes, but… still lacking a lot of what I need. I told the midwives about it before they checked my stuff too.. So we were already talking about ways to fix that… and I’m definitely planning to keep up with using that site to stay on track. Part of me is annoyed w/ myself for not realizing that before… and part is relieved. My anemia thing makes so much sense now (was the main thing I noticed I wasn’t getting as much iron in my diet as I thought.. the supplements are great and helping, but still)… plus its not to where its a real problem either. 

Beyond all that… everything is great. 

I was 100% right the other day when I thought Zavier had dropped. Which of course has brought some lovely symptoms, but has also cleared up some of the others lol. I’m not complaining at all because any I’ve gained are worth not having a backache!  

The change in movement is tied to him dropping  too.. I figured that could be it.. I’m feeling more wiggles and squirms than kicks and flips now… He is still giving me some good ones though lol, last night he was kicking up a storm. 

Heartbeat was great.. Nice and loud lol. And measurements, blood pressure and all was good too. At this point I wish I had another pic… Kalila came up and used the toy stethoscope on my belly again lol. 

Now a pic I did get (was while we were discussing diet stuff) was even cuter I think. Kalila decided to get up on the table and had one of the midwives listen to her baby (was her own heartbeat lol). Too cute!

We talked about exercise too… I can’t tonight (sad) but the needing to rest more doesn’t mean cutting it out… and I will get to go to the class next week, huge relief there lol. Long story short, there’s a prenatal belly dancing class here in town that I didn’t think I’d ever get to go too but we ran into Aunt Sonia today at Sams before the appointment & she offered to babysit so I could go. Excited.

Sorry if I’m jumping around a lot.. I’m a little tired lol. 

I think that’s about it… My next appointment is in 2 weeks.


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