Making Me Smile

Not getting into why, but today’s been a pretty rough day for me. Thankfully Kalila has been… well Kalila. Has made me smile quite a few times. 

  • Put puppy wipes on me and said she’s making me into a dog.
  • Put wipes up against my face and said I was a doctor.
  • Insisted she did not want macaroni for dinner (yes off the menu again) and then got all excited about it and asked for thirds of “roni” .
  • Caught me crying and told me “Mommy, don’t cry” (note: both made me smile and want to cry more…) 
  • Tackled Baba over and over this morning saying she loved him (once again over and over).
  • Said “I need fairy makeup”.
  • Pointed to some blocks and said it was Mommy and Baba’s palace.
  • Looked at the pics from yesterday and told me about listening to her baby.
  • Built a house w/ her blocks…

And that last one I actually got pics of because I was more than a little impressed. Too cute!


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