Happy Valentines Day (Part 1)

Yes, part one lol. 

Tomorrow we’re going out to celebrate and I am so looking forward to it. Kalila is going w/ Gido so we get some time to ourselves 😀 I’ll skip the plans for that now though and tell you all about it tomorrow (or Monday). 

So what do I have to post tonight?  Kalila’s first Valentines experience… Soooooo cute!!!!!!

It hit me yesterday that she might have fun making something for Baba… We’ve been sadly lacking in arts type activities here, mostly because of space issues (and dreading the mess… can’t wait until we can do stuff outside lol). But she’s been obsessed w/ painting lately, partly my fault from painting her toes… and I know she needs more stuff like that. So I decided to have her make him a card… and then it hit me that he’s off today so we needed to rush!

That’s why we went for that walk yesterday lol. We had no construction paper, no glue, no kid scissors… Went to pick them up and found some water colour paints and stickers too.. I let her pick out that last one (was Mickey Valentines ones). 

She was so excited about the whole project that we had to do it right away when we got home… I decided to do it in our bedroom because it seemed the least likely to be an issue if there was a mess made. I put down a towel on the bed and figured between it, the sheets and the mattress protector we’d be good. I was right… at one point the (dirty) water spilled. And it was no issue to get up…

Obviously she’s never cut before so I had to do that part, but I did let her get a little practice in on her own and she was just as excited about that as the painting. Partly surprised, but partly not because she has been talking about scissors for awhile (mentioned in a book she has). Yes I have put them up where she can’t get to them and cut random things she shouldn’t lol. 

She did most of the painting completely on her own… I helped her w/ the writing of course (held her hand).. and she picked out which stickers she wanted and where they went. 

I took a ton of pictures… Don’t worry not putting all of them up lol. Went a bit overboard, but here are some of my fav’s.. 

And since Baba gave us gifts tonight… 

Kalila’s – 

Mine (didn’t wait to take a pic obviously lol) – 

She gave him his card a little early too. 


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