An Unstream

Gonna do this a bit like my streams, but… I have very specific things I want/need to say so it’s not really one lol.


First off… We’re going out of town this weekend. This trip has been put off for quite awhile and I’m really looking forward to it. Is gonna be a lot faster than I would like… We’re literally leaving early tomorrow morning, stopping in FS to visit w/ Granny and her side of the family (I wish we could see some friends too but I really don’t know that we’ll have the time… would be nice if we could though).  We’re leaving there that same evening and heading to VH to stay the night w/ Grandma & Grandpa… Will leave to come back Sunday afternoon sometime.  

So… I’ll be offline all weekend, not that that’s unusual.. weekends are usually pretty busy for me even here. I will have my phone so twitter updates will prob happen. 


I hadn’t planned on this one… until it happened a little while ago. Baba was changing cat litter and little miss got into the bag (of clean litter that is) and dumped it in the cats water dish. So mad… Thankfully we caught it early and got the thing turned off before any got in the filter or pump. She’s already ruined one filter w/ putting cat food in there and pulling out chunks (sticking her finger in the hole). Which also means she already knows better than to put anything in there… We’ve discussed staying away from it and what happens if she doesn’t several times. She’s gotten in trouble several times. Finally things were looking better.. has been over a month since she’s gone near it. Until today of course… and then I ended up spilling water everywhere when i went to clean it… Baba was nice though and helped out w/ that while I took the pump to the half bath to see if the filter would reach from the one outlet there to the floor, it does thankfully… We didn’t put it in there originally because we didn’t think it would.  Anyways, as much as i have to do today that did not make me happy…

Cute story for today though… She got upset (as usual, esp lately) when Baba was getting ready to leave for work. She stormed into her room, slammed the door… all that fun stuff. Well a few min later she came out and yelled at him (while waving her finger) that he’s not going bye bye and that she needed to go to work. Somehow we both managed not to laugh, but it was really cute… You know in that whole she doesn’t need to be talking to him like that kinda way.


Baba found a dog outside last night… Turns out it was the maintenence guy’s dog… but poor thing looked miserable. She’s very pregnant and hungry. We felt awful… But between how little space is in here, the cats and Kalila… there’s no way we could bring her in for the night. She was a mess and we had no idea how healthy she was. She did get some food though and Baba went to the office to report it first thing this morning.


As someone so nicely pointed out… our Valentine’s crafts project was in an awkward spot. Def not my first choice… no where close. But not going into that because I’d be repeating what I already wrote when I posted that original post.  The only reason I bring it up is that Kalila has been begging to paint again.  

Well… we’ve got our table back… also not my first choice of a spot (and I got first hand experience yesterday to back that up)… But… doable. Like I said before, I can’t wait until we move…  (pretty much counting down days… and if you wonder how long we’ve got, take a look at my baby widget on the side and you’ve got an idea…) Gonna try to do as much of this type of thing as we can outside, but we’re planning to have a small table in the kitchen too and I’m thinking that would be tons better than on this one.

Anyways, got some cute pictures while she was at it… She had a blast so it was worth it (as was last time).  My favourite part was that she told me “Baba’s definitely gonna like it”   LOL Definitely? Well he did… but it cracks me up to hear words like that come out of her mouth…


Ok this is random and unplanned, but I was just told that she has a spider walking on her water??? She’s still talking about those things!


And before I go… I have no idea how much I’ll be on or how often I’ll post after this trip either. I’m going to start babysitting for one of Jas’ cousins starting Monday. Its Mon – Fri every other week… which I think works out well because I’ll have a good amount of down time to rest and stuff. I’m really looking forward to it too. I miss babysitting… and it’ll be interesting to see how Kalila does w/ a little baby around more often. The only thing I’m not looking forward to is getting used to waking up earlier. I need to do that anyway though… and I’m hoping this will help me get on a better schedule. Kalila’s is pretty decent (well, she has her days of course lol) but mine is horrid lately.


Anyways time to get back to work 🙂


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