32 Week’s Now…

Well, if I can ever find the cord so I can upload pics… I purposefully used the real camera so I could post them and now can’t find the cord lol. Anyways…

Not a whole lot to say about the appointment. It went well. My tests all came out great. I was so afraid they wouldn’t, esp since I felt bad yesterday morning and Baba’s been sick… but no. Perfect. Everyone very happy with that! I did seem to gain a lot of weight in the last two weeks… like over 7 lbs lol. But I’m putting at least some of that up to wearing heavier clothes and shoes.

The one big thing that did come up… is that we figured out why my back has started hurting so much lately. Really only in the last day… At first we were thinking the trip last weekend. All that time in the truck would make perfect sense, even the midwife chalked it up to that… until she felt the baby. He’s still head down, but he’s posterior (facing up). Back pain explained.  She gave me some tips to get him to turn around, so hopefully that will happen soon.

Odd side note.. .was talking to Baba a min ago about when Kalila was born (because this part is not something I exactly saw lol) and he said she was looking up when she was born. He didn’t realize that wasn’t “normal” or whatever. All the sudden things from the end of that pg make sense too. I was never told what position she was in (and honestly I can’t tell myself for anything.. I know there’s ways to tell but they go right over my head lol) and assumed she was facing down.

We also talked a lot about what will happen as I get farther along… which isn’t that far away lol. We talked about classes too and Baba & I have made a decision. As much as I would like to take the actual classes, the home version will work better for us. I just need to look into where to get the materials now. I know where, but still… gotta compare prices first. 

And that was it really. Oh Kalila. First off we talked about her being there and what to do to prepare her a little more. Got some good tips.  And of course she ran around being cute… Showed off her A, B, C skills. Pointed them out on cards… and then had to help with the doppler. She got to push the button to turn it on. Too cute! 

Ok, let me look for that cord so I can publish this now 🙂

Ignore me being a mess btw… nasty weather!

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