A (Not So) Lazy Morning

I don’t know what it was really, but I really felt a lot better yesterday. Like in a good mood better. I didn’t get near as much done as I meant too, but did get some and nothing slid so no complaints lol. The relief of my stuff coming in could have caused it… Kalila being in such a good mood certainly didn’t hurt. Still… whatever it was, it was nice.  

Unfortunately Baba had to work late… and since he’d gone straight from school to work… By the time he should have gotten off I was more than ready for him to come home and just about cried when it hit 12:30 and I found out he was still working. Not upset, I understood… I just wanted a hug lol. Extremely odd since I was feeling so good before and still was besides that. Anyways, I went on to bed and was so exhausted at that point that I crashed and didn’t even hear him come in. 

I woke up this morning a lot earlier than normal. My body was still tired, I could barely keep my eyes open and couldn’t really move… but I couldn’t go back to sleep either. I remember thinking that I hadn’t heard him come home… and noticing Kalila in there and that I hadn’t heard her come in either. Not sure how long I laid there… at some point I started thinking about food though. Not that that got me going yet either. 

After a bit I heard Kalila say “Hi.. Rub a dub dub dub dub” and looked over to see her still sound asleep. LOL  I have no idea what she was dreaming, but it was cute… 

Then she woke up.. with this big grin on her face. She came to snuggle and give me hugs and kisses. At one point she attacked me with Eskimo kisses. We laughed and laughed.. and just had a good morning.  

Oh – random comment made during all that. Kalila kept trying to tell me “Mama, Hear it?” and I misheard her thinking she said  “Mama hit” and kept asking her what she thought I hit or hit what.. and had her repeat herself… I was so lost. After the second or third time I asked she said “Listen to me!” Made me laugh.. I finally figured it out obviously..

Somehow Baba slept through it all… I wasn’t surprised because I knew he had to have gotten home late. Later I found out he slept badly too… kept waking up from his cough. Poor thing. 

I have no idea how long we played… but finally Kalila asked me for a cup of juice. I was a little mean and made her wait long enough for me to give Baba a hug (don’t think he noticed though lol).. and then we got up and got that juice.. while I made breakfast. 

I told you I’d thought a lot about food earlier lol.  I’d settled on making her a Toad in the Hole.  And that I was gonna make the cutout part a heart. I’m not all that great at making those as you can see… It didn’t turn out too bad (although the heart disappeared w/ the egg) and Kalila loved it. So I figure I did ok lol.  

After I had hers on the table I made me a fried egg on toast and then waited until Baba’s alarm went off before I made his. Got him up… and then we snuggled on the couch while Kalila ran around watching Sesame Street and playing with blocks.  

I crashed at some point lol. Asked Baba to wake me up before he left for class… He did but I had trouble getting up again. Took me a few minutes (thankfully Kalila was right by me helping me along lol) and I felt a little sick at my stomach when I did. Not really sure why… hadn’t been long since I’d eaten. Oh well.. got some juice and slowly started feeling better. Looking for my salmon recipe helped a bit too. I’ve made adjustments for not having corn meal and couldn’t remember them. Gave me time anyway…

Then got going on lunch. Baba came home just as the salmon croquettes were going in the oven.. and then our neighbor knocked on the door asking for Kalila. His little girl hasn’t been around in awhile and they’ve missed each other. Got her changed and out the door so I could finish up the potatoes.

Didn’t take long to get them going… so I went in and out a few times seeing what they were up too (he was out w/ them, not alone of course). Got a few pictures. Not sure why the flash didn’t work correctly, but it didn’t. Still some cute pics. Kalila was not happy when Momo had to leave.


Lunch time… Salmon Croquettes, Green Beans & Mashed Potatoes (a new recipe I found on a box of cream cheese, has it and garlic in them.. very good!).  

Then pack up food for Baba’s lunch & he had to go. Kalila wasn’t too thrilled about that either… Nothing new there. 

A couple other pics from this morning. I had to get one of Baba of course… and we haven’t had one together in forever so I took that one too. Yeah I know I look awful lol, just happy to be w/ him so I don’t care. 

I wish I could say this was a typical morning. I would really like it to be. Parts of it are I guess… Usually she wakes me up, but we do have all the hugs/kisses and all that first thing. But I have a really hard time in the mornings. I didn’t get to bed any earlier than normal, so its not that. I have been trying to work on it though and today was nice.. hopefully we’ll have more mornings like this. 

As for the rest of today… Its been pretty normal. Obviously I’ve been doing this… and in between writing & waiting on pics to upload (they seem to take forever on here lol) I’ve been doing other random stuff around the house, resting a little (one reason I’m on here at all lol), searching swagbucks (hey its Friday, I know I can get up to the next giftcard today if I try.. possibly even a good start on another), got Kalila a snack… and thinking about dinner. I know it’ll come all too soon & I don’t want it to be as last minute as it has been lately.  

Kalila must have wore herself out earlier, she’s laying down right now… not asleep but watching Curious George. She rarely is this focused on tv, when she is it usually ends in a nap… kinda hoping it does. But on the other hand she’s had really good nights the last few days that she’s skipped naptime. :-/ We’ll see lol. 

I should get off here though. I can think of a few more things I should add to that list. Not that I want too, but I should lol.


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