Kalila On Religion

I don’t remember the first time Kalila discovered the rosary we have in the truck, but she’s been fascinated by it for awhile. We showed her Jesus and his mommy and everything and she loves to point them out. 

Today she found two of the ones we have in the house. Both are in cases and she didn’t quite realize they were the same thing, came up with one and said something about a necklace. So I showed her what it was, pulled it out & we talked about it a bit. After a few minutes I told her I was gonna put it away (its one of mine from another country, this one a friend sent me from New Zealand). She walked off and a few minutes later I heard her tell me very matter of factly that Kimosimi needs a rosary. LOL

A little later she got Baba’s and all this was repeated except when I put it up she threw a fit saying it was hers. So I went and got a plastic one from the other room and she’s very excited about having one “of her own”.  Of course she does already have one but its nicer and definately not letting her have it just yet. I really want to get one of those toddler ones w/ the big beads, but just haven’t been able to yet. 

Anyways.. pics and video to go w/ this… 


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