34 Week Update

Not a whole lot to say today… thankfully 🙂 

Our appointment went well. Tests all came back good, everything normal. Zavier is still head down. Very happy about that… He’s not posterior anymore either… although he still has a little ways to turn lol. Not too worried because he moves all the time. 

We talked about what happened on Saturday, and what to do if I start to worry again (before 36 weeks, after I already knew lol). Talked about all the other symptoms I’ve had lately… all are normal, nothing to worry about… which I figured.

Um… what will happen in the next few weeks. I guess this one kinda started it… They sent home the papers about the Group B test so we can make a decision about that… and will discuss it at our next appointment (36 weeks) along w/ what foods to bring, newborn options, etc. Fun fun. After that appointment we’ll go from every two weeks to every week. I can’t believe its that close lol. 

Another thing that was brought up is that since after my next appointment we’ll technically be ok to have the baby (although I’d rather not… still pretty early lol), its also about the time we need to have our bag packed for the BC, the carseat installed, diapers & coming home outfit, etc.  She also said we should start stockpiling what foods we’re bringing. Prob a good idea… As funny as a trip to HEB might be at that point… 

Talked more about who’ll be there. Not like a list or anything, just that we do plan to have people in the waiting area, and Kalila in the birthing room. We’d talked about that before, but like I brought up awhile back… I was a little worried about if we need someone in there with us to keep an eye on her. They would prefer that so… more decisions to make. 

Getting tired now so can’t really remember what all else lol. I know there was more, but nothing really big. Anyways, here’s my 34 week picture and a couple Kalila snuck in on lol.

Oh, before I go… on a related note: I’m now officially having random people come up and ask how much longer I’ve got lol. 

And you see that sticker on Kalila’s hand? She pointed to it at the store and said “Ach E B” I don’t know if she’s recognizing the logo (she does w/ Target) or the letters, but it really surprised me lol. Was cute. 🙂


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