35 Weeks & My Goofy Girl

First off… No big update for week 35, but I do have a few things to mention. Esp since Baba was nice & took pics for me (so I actually have some half way decent ones). 

Beyond that I have a ton to do this week… Remember me saying I had to have certain things done by 36 weeks? Well time to get going right?

  • Wash the few clothes we do already have
  • Find a coming home outfit(s) 
  • Wash newborn diapers
  • Order covers… waiting on that last giftcard to hit so I can do that.
  • Go through blankets, find some to pack.. rewash
  • Pull out the infant seat, wash/air dry & install in truck
  • Run by the one place here that does carseat checks and get both inspected.
  • Wash the co-sleeper stuff
  • Keep working on class stuff
  • Make a list of songs in case I want them
  • Make a baby plan just in case anything changes (won’t, but better safe than sorry)
  • Go through suggested packing list and get our bags packed & in the truck. 
  • Wonder if I’m missing anything lol

And of course there’s all the other stuff I’ve got to get going on… like packing up our apartment. Fun fun.

On a completely different note…  

Today has been one of those days. Seriously annoyed. I wore myself out yesterday, want to do nothing but relax and I can’t. 

Gran said she’d take Kalila for a bit, which is great… but it means I should be cleaning/putting away stuff right now. But no energy… Also means I need to rush the diapers in the wash when I can’t (sick Kalila = extra care). Hoping they’re done before she gets here or else I’m sending her w/ one cover & pockets (that need repairing but I can’t because someone kept half their sewing machine when they sold it to us) as backup just in case the cover gets dirty. Lovely. Please let these be done first…  Anyways, as much as I want to rest while she’s gone I know its not gonna happen.

Kalila’s in a mood too. Refuses to pick up her toys. Won’t stay at the table. Thrown food everywhere. Insists on going into the laundry room w/ me when I don’t want her in there. I have a pile of clothes that needs to be rewashed because the drier didn’t get them dry yesterday (after the 3rd cycle no less) so they’re all mildewed and need to be rewashed when the diapers are done. 

The maintenance guy FINALLY came for the shower… has been weeks since we put in the request, which I’m assuming he never got because he got mad when I told him the thing hadn’t been working correctly for so long. He replaced it pretty recently too so he’s frustrated about that too. I have no idea why this thing keeps going out. Its something inside that he has to open up and everything… We were literally having to put the water all the way up on the hot side (like to scalding) to get a trickle of warm(ish) water… plenty of cold… but for 5 minutes of lukewarm we had to put it up that high & pray it’d last or not scald us because sometimes itd come out blazing hot for a few seconds. Awful. Anyways, he got it fixed again… but had to shut off the water to the entire place while he was doing it… in the middle of me washing diapers! 

So yeah I’m a little stressed… and tired… and as much as Kalila’s misbehaving today, she’s had a couple of those moments that have more than made up for it. & yes I got pics! 

A bit ago I heard her go in the kitchen and start shaking something, I asked her to come out… and she walked out asking for pasta. I looked up and saw this:

Then I made her a peanut butter sandwich. She got into her leftover cheeseburger from last night (was in the fridge) & made her own concoction of some sort. Not sure what you’d call it… but she wanted me to take pics of it too lol. 


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