Listening To Her Snore…

Well, we thought Kalila was getting better… She’d stopped coughing and all that fun stuff. Runny nose started up, but we figured it was coming out & she’d be better soon. 

But apparently the throat part came back last night when she was with Gran. Poor thing… She even told us earlier that her throat hurt. Well, technically she said her neck hurt, but still lol. 

Now we don’t do over the counter meds hardly ever (ie with the exception of Tylenol or Motrin if she has a real, like 103 or so, fever), and use home remedies instead… but while we were out we picked up some Hylands cold tablets to see if they’ll help any. Homeopathic so I don’t feel so bad about it. Esp since the others aren’t recommended for her age anymore (ok, so I don’t like them anyway, but the new recommendations reinforced that lol). Gonna keep up the warm tea (mint) and hon….. rats we’re out of honey!!! She’ll drink it on its own, but we prob should restock that lol. Anyways, and all that other fun stuff that helps it pass more easily. 

Onto where I feel like a horrible mother… Not only did I assume she was doing well enough to go play/stay overnight last night (and also assumed that someone had warned his mom when he asked… but won’t say who that was lol), but we had work to do at the house today. And it was cold outside.  We did have her dressed warm and all that, but I still feel bad.  She had fun though, and she does seem better instead of worse… and I got some cute pics. 

Completely off topic, some pics from the mall play area last week/whenever that was that we were there. These were on my phone and I needed Baba to get them off for me lol. 

Back to today… We got her seat moved so we can get the infant one in soon. 

Oh guess who just woke up?


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