Just Random

I would have shared this yesterday but I was still trying to decide what I was gonna do w/ this…  We decided to go on a walk and Kalila was just being so cute I had to get a pic. She was not happy the egg came off that hair bow btw.. was one of the ones her Nina gave her last weekend. It also got thrown off soon after we got home lol. I wish I’d gotten a pic a few days ago when she insisted on wearing three of them! 

Yes she was in the green stroller… She dumped water on the other one so I had no choice lol. 

And random funny from today… I went to pull this off the camera and she started insisting on me taking a picture of her. I told her I couldn’t since she has no diaper on (has refused all afternoon, long story) and she said “I have on a shirt…” – Like that makes a difference lol.

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