Hmmm Today…

Whoo hoo I got the carseat cover washed! I just checked on it and while its still damp, its not as bad as I would have thought… so hopefully I can get it back on the seat soon & Baba can get it installed tomorrow morning. 

We got the bag ready for me to pack the other day, but haven’t started on it. Despite having this list to go off of, I’m a bit at a loss lol. I guess Zavier’s stuff is going in the bag w/ mine because we still don’t have our diaper bag… and I have his diapers washed so I could start there right? But the covers we have aren’t lanolized yet (I guess I should do that now lol) and the others are still on the way. Plus we haven’t picked out a coming home outfit yet. I suppose I should do that too, but not much to pick from lol. Also would mean going through the receiving blankets and picking out which ones… That’s probably easiest of the lot. Plus I should go through Kalila’s old stuff and pull out the neutral clothes and see if any of those could go… Or I could start w/ me stuff, but.. I’m being indecisive about which exact clothes to take…  and we haven’t picked up some of the rest yet. I think I’m gonna start w/ going through my swimsuit tops, like the blankets that’s prob easiest lol. 

And since Kalila is out like a light right now, this is the perfect time to do it all! Yes, she fell asleep behind me again. I saw her adjust right before the pic and asked if she wanted me to move her and she said no, cuddled in more & back to sleep lol. So sweet.

Obviously I’ve got a lot to do (and that’s not even mentioning other stuff around here) so I’m off now. 🙂


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