Rolling A Lot Into One…

hopefully short post lol.

I wanted to post seperate posts, but really too much going on to do that w/ out having a bunch post all close together. 

Classes – Week 3 is over, week 4 is starting. 

Not a whole lot to say here… I have stopped trying to reread the chapters daily lol. Twice is pretty good I think. Friday’s by myself of course, and Saturdays with Baba. Now if I had still been reading them daily, this last week’s was one I would not have done it with. There was a lot of good info, but a good chunk of it just isn’t applicable since we’re not having to deal with Ob’s or a hospital birth… and even if for some reason we transfer… most of it we already know or still wouldn’t be applicable. Plus the whole interventions part gave me a nightmare.. funny since it wasn’t anything I didn’t know, but I still had a pretty bad one.  This weeks reading is much more interesting though and I’m looking fwd to going over it w/ Baba. And there’s more practice work too. 

Mama/Daughter time…

Yes we have a lot of that in general, but I told her last night we’d have a special day today. I feel kinda bad because it got off to a rough start. I woke up w/ a leg cramp & she attacked me while I was trying to deal with it. Did not put me in a good mood lol. The day started going downhill from there… Thankfully it picked back up though and we’ve had a lot of fun. I could have done w/out her spilling a whole jar of bubble solution all over me lol, but still… I got some video’s, but not sure if I’m putting them up just yet. You’ll have to settle for pics for now lol. I wish I’d gotten more, but still a few hours left to go lol. I’m sure there will be more to share later.

Getting stuff done…

Mostly just stuff around the apartment that’s really to boring to talk about.. You know.. like dishwasher, laundry, etc… blah blah blah. But.. I got the phone call made to our pedi today too for some questions I needed to ask. Thankfully it works out the way we needed it too, so yea (mostly lol). 


I got a txt this morning that one of the covers we ordered from Amazon (via swagbucks cards 😀 ) was delivered. Big surprise though… All four of them did! I really hope that’s enough to start out with… We have the wool covers, but still… & yes I am excited enough to share pics of these too. They’re just so cute… So tiny… and I love the snaps! 

LOL I just noticed Kalila fell asleep. Nice! Time to start working on dinner…


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