Good Friday?

Ok so my Good Friday wasn’t so good lol. 

First off its a little weird not going to Church… Baba’s working though. We didn’t really have a way to go… and honestly I can’t imagine managing Kalila at Church by myself right now… Stinks… esp since I haven’t been since my first Good Friday here. I had to work some of them (and one of those was my Bday no less!) and the others Baba had to work.. Hopefully at some point we’ll start getting to do the whole Holy Week thing again. I miss it. 

But beyond that, most of today has just stunk… What hasn’t stunk has been really really good… and I’ll get to that at the end lol.

First off I started off the day just having one of those emotional pg women days. I have no idea what set it off, I just felt bad… just wanted to curl up and cry… which of course drives Baba insane. I don’t like it anymore than he does really so I can understand, but still… 

That wasn’t helped by me having so much to do and feeling behind… or by stuff/people reminding me of things that I got to do for Kalila that I can’t for Zavier and vice versa (really it about evens out, but still… hard to keep that in mind when you’re at the point of bawling over a stupid mattress)… or missing Easter stuff that I grew up with. 

Then I had to go pay rent… which would be fine if the lady who sits at the front desk had been in there. She’s nice… The manager, however, is not. We’ve had multiple issues with her… none of which have anything to do with today, but still. So I went in, handed her the check & she had the nerve to tell me how horrible I look. HELLO I’m 9 months pregnant, I felt like crap, was having a bad day.. WHAT DO YOU EXPECT???  I really have no idea how I managed not to go off on her… I was nice though and walked out. 

Both really good things happened after that and before the next but I want to put the good last to end on a good note here even if it didn’t in real life.

Then… I went to move the sheets I had to rewash (since I’d asked someone to put them in the drier last night & they forgot) to the drier and the lid fell on my hand. Thankfully it doesn’t look as bad now… One of my fingers is still swollen and very bruised, but at first I was afraid I’d broken it so I’m relieved that’s all that’s wrong. 

And of course, as I’m typing this, the little girl who should be sleeping in her room just called to me that she’s bleeding! Yeah, she managed to get a small cut on her hand & I can’t figure out how. There’s nothing there for her to cut it on! She won’t tell me either. Cleaned and bandaged now and she’s back to fighting sleep.

So on to the good news.

Baba interviewed for a lead position at work the other day… and found out today that he got it. Very good news. Isn’t a raise or anything (that would be nice) but gets him off the phones and doing the some of the things he wants to be doing there. I’m really excited for him. And he sounded pretty excited on the phone too lol. 

And on top of that… Remember the store I told you about the other day that did that promotion? Well the thing ended the other day and they’ve been finishing up going over the reviews (because apparently some people just put random things down that weren’t really reviews). I started mine late so I figured I’d have awhile before I started seeing anything in my balance. Well some of it came through today… Not all of it, and not enough to get the main thing we want to use it for yet… but seeing it on there was nice. And despite it not being the full amount I’m expecting, its more than I expected when I started doing the reviews… so I’m still in a bit of awe. I added their button to my parenting link/page btw… 


Ok this has absolutely nothing to do with today, but since I just did it I figured I should let you know. I did go ahead and unblock this blog… Not really that I wanted too, but most of the people I started it for can’t see it unless I do. Oddly enough none of them are the ones I was worried about having a problem with it, but… yeah.  Like I said on the short post I put up there, I am keeping that other page (even if I’m not adding to it) just in case I need it in the future. Sorry for all the inconvenience… but if you signed up to see it when I had it blocked you won’t have to redo that if I have to again because it saves that information.

And I think I have some pictures from the past few days… 

The other night Kalila refused to step foot in her room, threw a fit & fell asleep on the couch… I decided to use the time to go over her bedroom.. And as soon as I was done I found Mr. Kimosimi curled up on her bed so I had to get that top picture. The second one was yesterday I think… She found him back up there and attacked the poor thing. I would have more pics if I could get the ones off my phone already! Sorry… 

Oh and apparently I was wrong about my GBS test. It wasn’t mentioned because they hadn’t gotten the results in yet… They came in yesterday. I am positive… joy.  Its really not an issue though, we discussed all that at the appointment before I took the test and I only had one more question when I found out. Wanted to make sure I’d still get to have a water birth and yes I can. So just minor plan changes. I can handle that. 

Which reminds me of something else I was going to post about yesterday… because I had to go down and get more Vitamin C and it got me thinking. I’m a little overwelmed with how many supplements I have to take now for various reasons lol. I’ve got chlorophyll, yellow dock, nettle tea, red raspberry leaf tea (well mine’s a pg mix really that includes it), calcium, evening primrose oil, vitamin c, probiotics, garlic… and of course prenatals. It feels like I’m taking something all day long lol. And a bit hard to keep up with lol. Of course it could be a lot worse… and besides the yellow dock having a nasty after taste and the calcium being vanilla flavoured (who the **** came up with that one? That’s just wrong!!!!)  they really aren’t that bad.

And I just realized its Friday & I hadn’t posted about the birthing class stuff. Its still going well. We actually read ahead (stuck with the schedule on the cd’s of course) to this next weeks reading early last week because we’re both getting the feeling that he could be here sooner rather than later. I’d love to be wrong about that… but we wanted to be as prepared as possible lol. I start a new cd track today though so looks like we will make it through them all! 😀  Anyways, last weeks stuff… was really the more interesting parts. Exactly what happens in childbirth and all that… I’ve had a bit of hard time focusing on the tracks this week… one is ok though because its the same one I’ve heard every other day for 3 weeks or so now. The other I really wish I had a few more days with, but once I make it to maintenance week I will.  And either way, we had plenty of practice w/ using the techniques on Sunday and that went well lol. 

Ok so we went a bit beyond just today.. sorry. I just haven’t felt like posting lately so I’m trying to catch up on stuff. Plus I’m sore and doing this is a lot more appealing than the rest of what I need to do. But I have to get back to it at some point so I’m off.


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