Easter Part 1

I’ll apologize ahead of time… I’m breaking this in half because I have pictures on my phone and can’t get them up yet. I think they’re some of the better ones I got though so they HAVE to go up lol. *Hint hint Baba…* 


We had a great Easter. I suppose it could have been better if I hadn’t been extremely uncomfortable. I don’t really want to blame it on Zavier lol (I guess it could be pg related) because it was really weird pains. Like my upper back and legs… Stuff would randomly feel like it was pulling when I move. Not fun. But the rest of the day was lol. 

We got Kalila dressed up in the dress her Nina gave her. Absolutely adorable… Here we were on our way to Mass…

Made it to Mass… not exactly on time, but earlier than normal lol. We ended up sitting in the cry room, which on one hand was cute because Kalila had a lot of fun w/ the kids… but at the same time meant I couldn’t really move around like I wanted too and stuff. Made it a little rough… and hard to pay attention to anything. Was still nice though and we got some adorable pics afterwards that I can’t wait to share.

We came back here for awhile and then headed over to Baba’s aunts house. 

Kalila went nuts when she saw the dogs outside… 

We had a great time though… visiting with family and friends. And at one point got some family pics (all Baba’s cousins, brother & us). I can’t put them up on here, but… Kalila was just too cute in a couple of them not to share so I edited those so I could get them up.

Kalila ran around playing with the kids all day…

And of course there was the egg hunt. I’m a little disappointed because I got a short video of that and the batteries died and killed the video. 😦  If anyone has more or better pics of the hunt I would really appreciate a copy. Sad… 

By the time we left she was about crashed lol. I think we all went to sleep early last night.

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