The Lights Are Off!!!

Should have an interesting post this evening… but I have to share a couple cute stories, a little good news, and some pics first. 

This morning Kalila and I had a couple conversations (that kinda wound around each other) that were just too cute. 

We hadn’t quite made it up, were laying down with the sun shining in on us through the blinds. Well the clouds passed over and the room got a little darker. Kalila, sounding alarmed, asked me why the lights turned off. I explained the clouds went over the sun but she kept saying to turn the light back on lol. Finally they passed and she exclaimed “The lights are back on!” This continued every time it happened. Finally the last time she noticed it go dark she said the sun was going night night and needs a blanket. LOL

Then at one point in all this Zavier kicked me and I said something about it to Baba. Kalila got all excited, wanted to feel and all that. Then she told me that he’s getting big… So I said something about how he’ll be ready to come out soon. That’s when she told me he’s coming out on the floor! Uh.. please no lol. I explained where he would and her response? “Zavier will get a checkup?”  😀 Then she started talking about him nursing and made a few more cute comments about that. 

These are not from today, but last night. She was given some temp tatoo’s the other day an insisted on putting one on so  had to get pics.

And our good news?  I placed our first Franklin Goose order since we got enough credits from those reviews come through. What did we order? A crib mattress!  (I know its hard to tell on this layout, but yes that is linked to the one we picked) We hadn’t planned on getting one until closer to when we needed it, since he won’t sleep in there for awhile, but after getting those credits it just made sense. Esp since it meant getting a good mattress like I wanted instead of the one I was expecting to get. We’ve been excited for days about the possibility of getting too, but I was trying not to until the order was placed. So it is and now I’m officially 100% excited about getting it.


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