38 Week Aventure


So I’m 38 weeks now (as of yesterday) and had my appointment today. I think the trip around it was probably a little more eventful than the actual appointment was (although it was nice). 

This was the first time Baba could not make it. We thought about changing our appointment, but that didn’t really work out. Was the only downside to his schedule change.  So… We decided that Kalila & I would just ride the bus. 

The trip over went really well… I was a bit rushed when we left. Kalila did not want to get ready (as usual lol) and we pretty much ran out the door. Luckily we made it w/ plenty of time. Kalila did great… She was very excited about the whole thing and talked about it the whole way there. Part way through another baby (7 months) got on & that was even better. Kalila just went nuts over her. We had one transfer, but it wasn’t bad at all. We got out and made it to the appointment early for once.

The appointment… Not a whole lot to say. It went well. I was a bit tired from the trip of course, but still… We talked more about everything.. How I’m doing and what I need to get done still (lol, seems like a ton), and stuff more related to the pg & birth like how my iron’s come up (yea!) and I can drop one (not all) of the supplements I’m on for it since I’m having a harder time with it. Not saying its horrible or having a reaction, just the side effects aren’t fun & the taste gets to me. Kalila during the birth.. we talked more about that. And what was the other big one? Oh my GBS test. Good news is I was wrong about it meaning we’d have to go in right away… they sent home the flush stuff w/ me and directions for it. So when things really start (like my water breaks) I can go ahead and do that myself. Was nice to hear… Speaking of, I need to go put that up.. brb. Ok… Tests were all good. Zavier is still head down and dropped some more (like I thought). Moving all over the place so listening to his heart was fun lol. Once again Kalila insisted on being checked too. One of the new apprentices was in there and she did that, even felt around for her babies position, measured her tummy, and all that. Kalila was thrilled. Wouldn’t let her get away w/out doing the doppler too though lol. 

So that all done we set up our next appointment… and by that point I was starving. Figured I had time to grab us dinner before the bus ride… but then I saw the schedule I printed and silly me put the return time too early? Not sure why, I remember searching for an hour later… So I txt’d Baba for another schedule.. and found out the bus was coming, left w/ no food & didn’t make it in time. Ticked, but he gave me two options and one was still good.. so waited. This time I get on the bus and the driver was an ass (sorry no good way to put it). The other bus had no issues w/ people leaving the strollers out and gave us time to deal with getting the kids out. This one jumped all over me to do so (note: Kalila was sound asleep too) and then made an announcement while glaring at me (after seeing me holding a sleeping baby) about needing to fold them up. Thankfully there was a nice lady on there that helped out. At this point I’m carrying a folded stroller the whole time, carrying Kalila, plus our bag… Worn out, hungry & have to go to the restroom. Long past the point of ready to breakdown. I get out to transfer and couldn’t find the stop, cross to the other side and don’t see it. Cross back to check in the office since it was a spot that had one and go figure it was back across the street hidden away. :-/  . Sat down & saw on the thing I’d grabbed that I had another 30 min for it to come. Luckily it came sooner… I get on that bus and it takes off right past a stop next to the one I got on the other bus on. Yeah the trip planner gave us a really stupid route. Not happy. 

As bad as that was, Kalila must have noticed how upset I was because she kept giving me this sweet smile and telling me I’m a good mama. Gotta love it.  

I’m so glad to be home now though… Tired. Sore. But very glad to be home. And now I have a headache (Kalila brushing hair and hit me on the head). 

And I’m afraid of even seeing the pics from this week. Kalila helped me take them lol.


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