One Size Cover?

If you remember awhile back I won a random gift certificate to Go Baby Go. We thought awhile about what we wanted to get from there and decided to try a new brand of diaper cover… mostly just because we knew we needed more. I had thought about trying this cover before, both because I’d seen it in a store and it looked cute.. and because its one size.. but the reviews stopped me. But getting it for free.. I figured it was worth a try.

Note: This is where I reiterate… Yes we did win the gift certificate… I think it was for commenting on a facebook status, but I could be wrong. I may have posted on here for an entry. Either way I was not asked to review the items bought. 

Here’s a picture: 

Yes… Its purple. I wanted to get the green one, but they were out. 

I can’t even remember how long its been since we picked it up… Has been awhile now. I’m sure I could look back on here, but that’d be too much work lol. It has had plenty of use though so I feel a little more confident in writing this now. 

Almost right away (like the first time we used it) I noticed exactly what someone else was complaining about in the reviews. It leaves red marks around the legs. I do not like that at all… And keep in mind, this is on the largest setting. Yes, Kalila is 2 1/2 and almost 30 lbs so I’m not expecting her to be in a smaller one… but at the same time she’s on the thin side… so for it to be the biggest setting and still so tight (that it does that) is a little troubling. 

On the other hand… It does not leak. Period. Someone’s had some tummy issues (that I’ll spare you the details to) this week and nothing came out. 

Its also very sturdy looking. The velcro looks like it may hold up a lot longer than the velcro on other diapers and covers we’ve had. I could be wrong about this, but is how it looks.

Back to the sizing thing… I like the idea of being able to use one cover longer (is why we ordered the Thirstie Duo’s for Zavier) but… because of how tight these are on Kalila I really wonder about if they would truly be one size. Somehow I see needing a larger cover at some point especially if you have a larger baby (like we expect our next to be lol. Could be wrong, but we’ll see).  

On the other hand… This has become Kalila’s favourite cover… Yes despite it leaving marks. She begs for this cover. It gets worn pretty much right out of the wash every time.. I don’t know if its the colour or the snaps (she calls it her purple snap) or what. 

And yes, if you haven’t noticed by now, potty training not going so well right now lol. I really hoped we’d have it done… but looks like we’re gonna have 2 in diapers at least for a little bit. Hopefully not too long though!


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