39 Weeks

I was gonna break this into a couple posts since my appointment wasn’t until today… but I didn’t get a chance to post the first & honestly not much to add anyway.

I wanted to post the pic Baba got on Saturday. Was a pretty good pic… but he’s got it on his phone & hasn’t sent it yet. :-/

And Kalila got one Monday that makes me laugh. Where did Zavier go? Is crazy how diff my two pg’s have been… We never could have gotten one like this w/ Kalila. 

The appointment was ok… I was still a bit out of it from being sick. I was so hoping I’d be better today. Not so much.  Zavier is doing good though.

Not really much else to say… I can’t believe how close we are to the guess date. Baba is still wanting Zavier to come soon… I’m glad he’s hung in there though because of the whole Kalila sick thing. That would have been rough. 

Oh.. classes. We have officially finished. Sorry I’ve slacked off a bit writing about the last couple. I really enjoyed most of the reading material and while practicing the techniques has been rough lately (back to the sick Kalila thing) I have enjoyed it, like the way they work.  So far I definitely recommend it.


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