Random Thoughts…

Note: I wrote this a couple nights ago and couldn’t get it published. We did not get to do the zoo thing I mentioned… it rained. Oh well, hopefully next week. 

Good news… I’m starting to feel better! Not 100%, but at least no throwing up today. Improvement right?  On top of that I think the serious nesting thing is setting in. I really noticed it a few days ago, but I was too sick to follow through… I tell you that is a HORRIBLE feeling. Not just being sick, but wanting to clean & get stuff done and being stuck. Just awful. 

Looks like the question of if our April zoo trip would include a newborn or not will be answered soon lol. We have it planned for tomorrow morning, so unless something happens between now & then (and moves it back a bit) there won’t… Not upset. Doesn’t hurt to get some serious walking in at this point lol. And it’ll be nice to have this last one w/ just Kalila… spend some special time w/ her before he comes.

I’m still a bit in awe of my guess date being just a few days away. Not that it really means anything (and I know that lol) but still. It just seems like it… Mostly because we’ve been asked the date so many times and I’ve said it over and over and see the countdown to it daily on here. Its just crazy that we’re just days away from it. 

Speaking of the countdown… I’m curious what that widget will do once we pass it. If we do of course lol.  Seriously though… does it go into negative numbers? Does it assume the baby has been born? I know that’s a really goofy thing to be thinking about at this point, but yeah… 

Trying to figure out how to word this next part. I don’t mean anything mean by it, no offense to anyone who’s done this… but its hit me as funny.. especially lately.  We’ve gotten to that point where everyone is asking. I can’t make a phone call w/out being asked if everything’s ok or if Zavier’s here. I’m getting phone calls daily to see “how I’m doing”.  Emails. And now a blog comment… Its kinda cute. Granted there’s been days that its been annoying too, but mostly its funny & cute. (Can you tell I’m in a good mood?)

Don’t worry yall aren’t the only ones anxious. Baba is too. Its adorable. He can’t wait to meet his son. I don’t blame him one bit… I’m actually getting a bit anxious to meet him too. Definately looking forward to it. Still hoping he goes as long as he needs too, but… looking forward to meeting this little guy. Kalila keeps saying she wants to too… She’s been talking about it more and more lately.

Kinda shaking my head at ourselves today though… I guess its a he didn’t come early like we thought he would (we really thought he would lol) because I just realized how much we weren’t/aren’t prepared with a few things. Obviously we’ve been getting major things ready… but it just hit me that the people we’re calling to head over there haven’t really been told what would happen when the time comes lol. Oops. 

Have a couple pics to share… One I think I’ve mentioned before. Was from last Saturday & one that I actually like lol. 

This one, however, was earlier today… Wow.

Yes I know I look like I’m wearing the same thing in the two… I’m not I promise. I have two of those shirts & several pairs of yoga pants lol. 

And because I can’t just not put up any pics of Kalila… 

Cute right? That’s her w/ her best friend again… They haven’t seen each other in awhile so this was a big deal today. She went over and played at her place for quite awhile and was very upset when she had to come home.


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