Catching Up….

Ok… so I know I’m really behind on pictures, some of them anyway, because they were trapped on my phone. Tired of waiting so grabbed the laptop and getting them all on now lol. 

Kalila’s second haircut… She did so well!

I really don’t remember what was going on here… was the week before Easter though and I just loved these.

When Kalila got into my makeup that day…

Since I had to get into Baba’s phone for some other pics I needed… I found some more I have to share too!

Remember my embarrassing bench story?

Not my only embarrassing moment lately… Here I am stuck when I was trying to get out of the way while we installed our infant carseat.

The puppy Kalila fell in love with… 

Just random other cuteness, some of it I wasn’t there for and seeing for the first time myself lol. 

Ok I’m done… for now 🙂


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