40 Week Appointment

Ok… Where to start? 🙂 

We just had our 40 week appointment (tech a few days past, but is when we could get in).  Started off a bit… dramatic… because it was set for 9 am. I set my alarm set for 7 so I’d have time to get ready. Phone goes off (ringing, not alarm) and I look over to see it was just after 9!!!!!! Grabbed up my phone (the other one had rang & stopped) and called the Birth Center to make sure it wasn’t them. It wasn’t lol. Thankfully as close as we are we were still able to make it, if a little late. We jumped up, threw on clothes & out the door.

Normally we see one of our midwives & an apprentice for the appointments… but the one we were gonna see was w/ a new family who got there early. And… the “apprentice” we were seeing this week (we’ve seen 2, but this one has been at most of our appointments, the other only a couple) is actually finished w/ all her stuff, taking her test soon & graduating next week! Excited for her… Of course she made sure we were ok with it just being her for most of the appointment before we started… and we were. Very comfortable with her too. 

Not a whole lot to say about the appointment itself. 

I was hurting a bit when we went in… on one side. Wasn’t really sure why, but we figured it out pretty quick when she felt my belly lol. Zavier had his feet pushed up there!   

My tests all came back good. They did show that I needed to eat (like I said, we ran straight there) and that I have been sick… which we all knew lol. Everything else was perfect.

I had my first VE… We debated having one last week, and I hadn’t really planned too until the past few days. This morning on the way Baba & I talked to it & I explained why I was more comfortable having one now and actually could give reasons of why I wanted to know… So we did. Once again, everything is good. Prob not having him today or anything lol, but I am dilated to a 3 and 80% effaced. He’s also very low & she could feel his head 🙂  

And of course we got to hear his heartbeat… a little longer this time since he’s past 40 weeks (which is fine, not overdue despite what some people think… Baba…). He did great, reacted to being moved and everything. All very cute. 

Kalila had fun too… Jumped up on the table as soon as we got there and had to have her “baby” checked first. Then she played with puppets, stuffed animals, and just showed off in general. Just about amazed me before we left by getting water from the cooler all by herself! 

Before we left we went over last minute questions.. most of which we’ve talked about before, like when to call or go in… but still nice to go over.  And in the middle of that our midwife (one of, we have 2) came in and we talked with her some too. It was nice. 

Scheduled appointment for next Tuesday. If we don’t go in before lol. We’ll see… 

Oh and thanks to Baba we have these… Much better than the 40 week pic I tried to get myself the other night lol.


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