A Little More Kalila

This little girl just has me shaking my head lol.  You just never know what’s gonna pop out of her mouth…. Just the amount of talking for one. More sentences… Making up stories (that may or may not make sense lol).

She just told me she’s a bad Kalila. Not something she hears from us of course, honestly bothers me when she says it… is not the first time. There was an episode of Martha Speaks where there was a “bad dog” (was really a bad owner who was mistreating him and constantly telling him he was a bad dog). She’d picked it up somewhere else before, not sure where, but both Baba and I had gotten the “bad mama” and “bad baba” comments before and they’d finally stopped until this show.  Uggh, I can hear her telling Kimosimi that she’s a bad Kalila and he’s a bad cat right now.

On the other hand, she likes to tell us that we’re the best ever now… and that we’re smart, pretty, gorgeous, beautiful, etc… Those she did get from us cause we tell her she is quite a bit lol. Well, not entirely sure where the best ever part came from, but its cute so we’ll keep it ;-).  Honestly… beyond the whole cuteness factor of it.. it has another upside. Lately I haven’t felt like the best mama ever, so her saying it is pretty nice.  Makes me feel better if I’m having a bad day or part of the day.

Awhile back we started picking up more Dr. Suess books… Something we’ve meant to do for awhile. She’s going nuts over them. The ABC book is one of her favourites and I’ve noticed a huge improvement w/ her recognizing her letters. She could say them before and had a few down… but now she has most of them. There’s moments when she decides to be silly and guess the wrong ones, I don’t know if she’s just playing or tired of working on it when she does that… but its obvious what she’s doing too because she gets really hyper and laughs while she’s doing it. 

The love you’s…  Of course we love to hear those lol. Just last night she cuddled up and said “You love me, I love you, we love each other” – the last part of that was new & I couldn’t help but aww over it.  But at the same time she has these moments where she gets all stubborn and tells us repeatedly that we don’t love her. Which obviously bothers both of us. Sometimes she acts like she’s playing when she says it and will say its funny… obviously we tell her its not… but other times she seems like she’s mad or something (or will say she’s mad).  Either way I don’t like it.  I like the cute/sweet I love you’s.. or when she walks up and says that one of us loves her (even when Baba’s at work she’ll come up and tell me he does) or that one of us loves the other (me & Baba). 

Sleep is uggh. Some nights are better than others. As always. I could write more but I have a feeling I’ve said it all before on this subject. 

She still loves to sing and dance.  Its so hard to keep her from joining in when Baba has practice (they’re getting ready for Folklife now). Right now I’ve got “Hey Soul Sister” on (one of her fav songs) and she’s dancing around me… She has all the words to it down, but instead is being silly and singing along in baby talk w/ really exaggerated expressions. LOL now its turned into ballet like dancing. Random…

Now she’s on to drawing lol. She pulled out one of Baba’s pens but that’s ok… I actually prefer that to the crayons cause she still tries to eat those occasionally. Mostly she’s still scribbling, more than mostly lol… but she tells me what they are now… A few days ago she drew the family. Baba’s scribble was a little bigger than mine, hers was little and Zavier was a tiny line lol. I was impressed… as goofy as it was. If I could find the paper I’d take a pic of it, but its covered in other “pictures” too so not sure it’d be worth it even if I could lol. She can kind of do circles too, just well enough you can tell its supposed to be one. 

We’re still having some fits… Now I know that’s prob gonna continue for awhile, but she’s had some that literally have me at a loss of what to do. I’m just glad those days aren’t as often as the good ones… but when they happen.. 

Not that I prob should have been watching it, but there was a marathon on of “I didn’t know I was pregnant” last night and she walked in on part of one… That I don’t have an issue with her seeing as a general rule, but it was bedtime… Anyways… She walked in to see this woman on the toilet screaming her head off. Kalila’s reaction? She started jumping up and down all excited saying “A baby! A baby! I love babies!” They hadn’t even shown it yet lol.  I just thought that was cute… 

Similar note, she’s still in excited mode about Zavier. We’ll see how long that lasts after he gets here… but for now she’s talking about him being born and stuff.

Stubborn… Sorry that just came up again. Telling me no. Just threatened to spank my theezo and now is shushing me. Sigh… 

She has been trying to help out some more around here though… Is very insistent on cleaning lol… and likes to feed the kitties. Thankfully she doesn’t try to eat it anymore, that stopped awhile back. I have, however, caught her stirring the food w/ stuff and singing “bate bate chocolate”. 

I could go on, but I know this is long… I’ll try to find a few new pics to add in instead lol. Sorry, trying to distract myself if you can’t tell. 

This is a little older, back around Easter… Kalila w/ her Ammo Trevor. 

About to get a bath after drawing all over herself.. If I remember correctly it was good I dumped her in here like this before getting her ready for said bath because it was the same day I learned that I really like the Wonder Wraps cover lol.

Tackeling the kitties…

Painting on her “new” table (hand me down from her best friend). Is so nice to have a place to actually do stuff like this now. 

What little miss has done to my birth ball… I just caught her at it again. 

Ok, I’ll be nice now…


3 thoughts on “A Little More Kalila

  1. kim says:

    she seems really smart. for whatever reason sofia says she likes that soul sister song too when it comes on the radio. she said that today, hey i like this song! lol.i don't think she is excited about a new baby as kalila is.

  2. MK says:

    🙂 Too smart for her own good… or ours anyway lol. I've been trying to show both sides of that so it doesn't sound too much like bragging. I'm proud of course, but still… She's def a handful and there's things she isn't doing yet too for whatever reason. Its a good song lol. I'll admit it gets a little old sometimes cause I'll play it over and over to calm Kalila down when I need too… There's a couple others that will work too, but whichever works has to be done alone. And maybe Sofia will get more excited afterwards… I'm a little worried at how Kalila will react after Zavier is here. The birth not so much, but adjusting to a sibling should be interesting.

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