Diapering a Newborn

If you remember back when I started this blog we were using disposable diapers at the time… Kalila was somewhere around 6 months old when we switched and I really looked forward to using cloth from the beginning w/ this little guy. At the same time… I wasn’t sure how it would go lol. I wasn’t worried or anything, just had nothing to draw from. 

Our original plan was to get through this newborn stage w/ Gerber prefolds… because they go through so many changes anyway. Thankfully we haven’t had to do that though… between one friend passing on some of her newborn diapers (mostly unused, and those that were were barely used) and another getting some for us off the registry… we have plenty. And as big as this guy is… the infant size does still fit, and fits a ton better than the Gerbers do. 

I’m not going to go into detail about the covers just yet, because I want to break them down by brand… Sorry about that, but those posts will come soon I promise. And I’m sure there will be more than one because it is still early lol. 

So far I love using them on a newborn just as much as I did on a 6 month old and as much as I do on a toddler. It was a bit of an adjustment figuring out how to fold them again lol. I’m not sure if that was just because of his age/size or because he’s a boy though. 

I wish I could remember when Kalila’s blowouts started with the disposables… so I could compare that. We’ve had none w/ these so far… But yeah, I don’t remember if hers started this early or not. 

Speaking of diapers though… I think I have another one to change 😉


10 thoughts on “Diapering a Newborn

  1. I just clicked through your page from your username on a comment and wanted to let you know it's really hard to figure out which page to go to with all of the ones listed on your profile. Did you know you can remove them?

  2. I think it's pretty early for blowouts.. BUT I am anxious to see your diaper reviews. I wish I would have bought more brands, but I only stuck to 1-2 because I don't like having things all uneven. Lame.

  3. Deltaflute says:

    He looks so cute in his cloth. I like the cloth especially after they pass meconium. That's when the diaper covers that we bought (which were a little too big) starting leaking. I'm sure that's when you'll be happy that your not having "blow outs." How are you doing with washing out the meconium? The nurse said it would be really hard to wash, but the wash clothes the hospital gave us (side thought they used wash clothes to wipe poo but disposable diapers weird) seemed to wash the stuff out okay.

  4. MK says:

    Marni – Sorry about that… They were supposed to be hidden already :-/ Trying that again. Go figure they'd come up w/ the pages app after I already had my blog organized this way. Not worth changing now though… We really only have a few diff brands.. I like to stick w/ the same ones too. Deltaflute – Thanks 🙂 The meconium washed out just fine… No problems with it at all. Those diapers are stained from it, but I'm not worried about that. They're clean… and once we move and I can hang dry them the sun will bleach that right out anyway. Too big covers def not an issue here lol. A friend gave us some homemade wool ones though and most of them were too small lol. Oops!

  5. Will be interesting to see your reviews. We used prefolds the whole time with Layla b/c I couldn't afford to upgrade. We have used only the Prowraps and Diaperwraps covers only and they were both satisfactory. I would love to use all in ones with any other baby, but its such a big initial investment!

  6. MK says:

    Yeah they are. Unless we're given one (and I really hope not) we're not going the AIO route. I do like pockets to an extent.. but AIO's don't seem worth it. We bought one pocket a month for awhile w/ Kalila so we have a good stock of those (they're put away now though) and may get pulled out for sitters again… but not planning to at this point. I prefer our prefolds lol.

  7. munir says:

    what's wrong with your baby, all those red patches.I would never put stained diapers on my child,looks disgusting,unclean, but you don't seem to mind looking unclean by the other pics I've seen.

  8. MK says:

    A – He's a newborn… He was adjusting to everything. We discussed it w/ our midwives and it was perfectly normal and has long since gone away (within a day).B – That diaper was not stained. It was brand new. C – Nevermind I'm not even going there… You're not worth it.

  9. BTW I also got a comment from "munir" "i don't really understand, hijab is not an accessory, it's to cover as Allah request.It's for modesty , not a fashion show."Way to go "munir" making a bad name for Muslims out there by being an ass.

  10. MK says:

    Wow… I'm sorry you got one too. Not that you need to be told, because I know you've had really good experiences w/ it too, but most Muslims I know or have met are so much nicer about us wearing hijab even if its not full time.

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