Wearing Zavier

I have no clue if I’ve mentioned it or not, probably have, but I really wanted to wear Kalila when she was little. We didn’t for several reasons… 

The sling we got was a Hotslings… No this is not one of the ones recalled or that has had problems. Different style. I liked the way it looked, seemed easy to use and was a lot less expensive than some of the others… Unfortunately it didn’t fit right. We ordered a size bigger than they said I’d need for my size (not on purpose) and it was still too small. A friend passed on some homemade ones of the same style and they didn’t fit either. I tried several times as she grew and we were never able to make them work. I know lots of people love those, but.. not for me.

We were also given a Bjorn… I tried it out when she was a little older and it was too hard on my back. I have scoliosis, and while it has never bothered me before… it did cause problems with the epidural I got with her… which caused problems for quite awhile afterwards… and this carrier made it hurt even more. I found out later its not good for those w/ back problems. 

After that I started looking into ones easier on the back… which is how I came up with wanting to try the Sleepy Wrap this time. Well, originally I wanted a Moby… which is very similar lol. But we got a Sleepy Wrap. I’m getting ahead of myself though… 

On top of all that, we were given a travel system & I felt like we “had” to use it… I meant to do both but added to the above issues it never happened. I disliked the whole travel system thing the whole time… more so the longer we used it lol… but felt stuck at that point. 

Side note: I do have plenty of kanga’s… but was never shown how to tie the baby on with them and was uncomfortable doing that by myself. Tried a couple times and just couldn’t get the hang of it… I would still like to figure those out, and will probably try again at some point lol.

Yes, I do feel bad that I didn’t get to wear Kalila. 

Skip forward to when we got that Sleepy Wrap. Very excited about it… Thought I would be using it a little earlier than I have, but of course I wasn’t expecting Zavier to be as big as he is or to be told not to carry him around for the first little bit period because of that lol.  

I did pull it out yesterday though… Baba’s first day back at work and I knew I’d be needing it more and more soon. Pretty much just sat with him in it yesterday… and wore him a bit today. I have to say it is very comfortable. It does not hurt my back… of course other than the normal end of pg and labour stuff that hasn’t been an issue this time around.  He seems to like it too, sleeps very well when I put him in there. 

I’ll have to put updates on it as he gets older and we use it more, but here are a few pics. 

Oh… and while this is available from FG (I almost got one from them but decided to pick it up in person), I’m not gonna go near that subject w/ this post. I may put up a link to it on the side later on… but the whole point of this post was to show off pictures lol.. and to sit down for a second. 😀


3 thoughts on “Wearing Zavier

  1. Deltaflute says:

    He looks so comfy. Don't you just love the Sleepy Wrap?!! My son would get fussy and would immediately calm down in it. I could go shopping with him in it and go everywhere. I haven't tried breast feeding him in it though. Usually I wear a tank that I can pull over and take him out to feed him. It's so easy on your back. He feels feather-like even at about fourteen pounds. You'll definitely enjoy it more than the Moby. A lady at the breastfeeding support group that I'm a part of was amazed that I could tie it on without putting him in it. This is great for when your riding in the car and wanting to use it at your destination because you don't have to put it on outside where it can get oil slick from a parking lot or dirt from the ground. I bought a bright green one. Speaking of which I need to wash it tomorrow. The baby was eating it today. He's been a slobber mouth lately. And that's another thing. It's easy to wash. A lot of the rings slings, hard carriers, and some of the soft have special washing instructions. This thing is sooo easy to care for. Yeah, I'm starting to sound like a spokesman but honestly they don't pay me to rave about it.

  2. MK says:

    LOL I do love it… even this early I can tell. I tried mine on before Zavier even came, so I knew about putting it on first. I might have read about it on your blog first though lol. Is one of the points I really like about it. I've tried to nurse in it today and can't quite get the hang of that yet… is def gonna take some practice for that.

  3. I am definitely a huge fan of the wrap-style carriers. I used Layla's Moby from a few weeks all the way until she was almost 2. It saved me on trains, plane rides, church, trips to the mall, etc. The wrap carriers aren't as easy to take on and off as the slings, but they just feel so much more secure. I've never seen the Sleepy wrap, but its something I would look into in the future.

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