Oh Deer…

Today has really just been one of those days. Seriously emotional, all over the place, its just been crazy. 

Honestly the first part really started a few days ago and got worse yesterday & today both. Not going into details on this really, but basically dealing with an important decision and instead of it being an easy one like I thought, it hasn’t been… its been back and forth and that is getting to me worse than it would have without that happening. Its gotten to the point that I got really frustrated yesterday & started getting a headache… which has continued to today and gotten worse today. I’m sure the heat didn’t help with that, but still.

Then… I’m not sure if this was yesterday or today, because it was very late at night.. prob early this morning technically since I was waiting for laundry to finish and for Baba to get off. I got on Cafe Mom and read something that I’ll come back to later… Was really hoping the person who posted was exaggerating, but got me upset anyway.

Then Baba came home… very late because he had to work late last night. I just happened to wake up when he came in… to find out that he’d been hit by 2 deer on the way home.  Yes hit by 2 deer. Think Gilmore Girls, only he was driving when it happened and not stopped at a stop sign. Apparently one hit him, he swerved and the second one hit then. Yes, we are laughing about it now… but… still pretty scary. Had me pretty upset when he told me… 

Woke up this morning, went to change Zavier and got pooped all over. Like seriously got pooped on. Shot out all over the place. Lovely right. Then in the middle of cleaning that up he peed all over himself and the bed (thankfully I didn’t get that too). 

Then the Birth Center called to schedule our 2 week appointment. While they were on the phone I decided to ask about Zavier’s blood type. There was a random problem getting it by our 2 day visit because it didn’t get to the place in time (something that’s never happened before, aren’t we lucky lol)… After talking about it at the appointment we’d decided to go ahead and get the Rhogam shot then anyway because the chances of him being Rh neg were so low. I could have waited a day later and had them bring it to me if he’s positive, but we didn’t see the point. Figured it wouldn’t hurt me if he’s not and most likely I’d need it anyway right? Anyways, asked about it this morning… and found out that Zavier is negative lol. Go figure. I’m not gonna complain about the extra shot… and I was pretty excited about it anyway. 

Then… a facebook friend posted this New York Times article on the subject that I read about last night/this morning. It seems what I’d read was true… Completely upset me and I ended up bawling… That’s just… disturbing doesn’t even come close. I’m getting off of this before I get upset all over again. 

  •  ETA – I have the article linked above. I wish I could make links easier to see on here, but until I change my background again (whenever that may be lol) I can’t do anything about that.

Finally got Baba and everyone else up and ready to go run a couple errands this morning and found out that I may have another babysitting job coming up. Really hoping/praying it doesn’t fall through like the past few.  So that part of the whole trip out was really good… most of it was. Other than the heat. Way too hot. I can’t believe I used to be comfortable at this temp or higher lol. 

Came back home to deal with the same stuff from the first part of the post… but other than that the rest of the day has been pretty uneventful. Doing laundry, cuddling w/ kids, all that fun stuff lol. 



2 thoughts on “Oh Deer…

  1. Molly says:

    Hey lovely, Could you fb me the ny times article? I'm curious but don't want to make you talk about it. I hope that you're feeling better.

  2. MK says:

    Sure, but its linked on here… I hate that my font doesn't show links very well 😦

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