Just Not Right

I’ve spent half of today trying to get a good shot of these… and been failing miserably. 

I don’t know if you can see them on there or not. Those were the two best ones I’ve gotten so far… I can kinda see them, but I know where to look too (bottom middle). Gonna keep trying to get a better picture though…

Seriously I thought I was losing my mind last night (well Mon night, not sure what time this will post lol) when I first saw the little things… They’re still so close to the gums that I very easily could have imagined it. Looked again this morning though and they were still there… Showed Baba, he saw them too… Then Gran saw em too when she brought Kalila home. Sigh.. He’s too young! 

On a more age appropriate note… 

This little guy seems to hate sleeping on his back… For the first few days he had to be on me too. I wasn’t surprised because Kalila was like that for the first 2 weeks. I did manage to get him to sleep in his bouncer during the day after a few, but nights he still won’t sleep in his co-sleeper at all. Once again wasn’t worried (yet lol) because it did take so long for Kalila and I figured I’d just keep working on it. 

Well someone mentioned the swaddling thing earlier. Kalila hated that.. and I’d pulled out the blanket for it before Zavier was born, figuring there was a chance he might like it… but just hadn’t thought about trying it yet. So while I was thinking about it I decided to give it a shot tonight… Yeah, he’s out… on his back and not on me. 

Don’t get me wrong, I like cuddling him and will still let him sleep in his wrap during the day at times or nap on top of me after feedings if I don’t have stuff to do. I like this time when I can do that… but I hate sleeping on my back too lol. And I know I’ll be a lot more comfortable once he’s sleeping in his co-sleeper. 

And remember the pictures I mentioned we were going to get done last Saturday? She put a few of them up on her blog – 10 Pounds of Squishy Goodness – I just love them… esp that first one w/ his eyes wide open. And on that note, if you wouldn’t mind leaving a comment on there I would be very grateful. Or if you “like” her on facebook and mention that I sent you. 

Like I mentioned earlier, Kalila spent the night w/ Gran last night… and a good part of today. Sounds like they had a good time. Poor thing fell and bruised her face.. but like always she brushed it off pretty quickly. She was asleep when she came home though and when she woke up she was whiny and was telling me all about it like she was upset. Thankfully that didn’t last long. Soon she was oohing and ahhing over Zavier lol. 

Not sure if you can see it, but here she is showing off her “boo boo” and another of her grinning, as you can see she’s very happy now. 

ETA – I can’t believe I almost forgot to mention this! Zavier met his Godmother today 🙂 I should have gotten a pic while she was here, but I didn’t even think about it. My brain has been somewhere else lol. Not sure where… but somewhere. It was nice getting to see her again though and glad she was able to come. 


3 thoughts on “Just Not Right

  1. My friend had a baby boy who she said had 2 teeth when he was born…she disliked that aspect of bf.

  2. kim says:

    claire has one tooth too on the bottom right. I didn't think much of it though since I heard its normal. I think they are called milk teeth. I was going to look it up online but haven't gotten around to it yet. Only one of the 6 that had that though.

  3. MK says:

    Abby – Yeah I would imagine it'd be rough.. Thankfully it hasn't caused ours to be painful or anything. I'm hoping htey don't come completely through/in until he's old enough to teach not to bite a little easier. Kim – Wow… From what I've read they're called natal teeth if they're already in at birth… milk teeth are another word for baby teeth. I guess it might get used more when they come in early, I don't really know. Has your pedi seen Claire's? From what I've read sometimes they have a shallow root and need to be pulled in case they fall out and become a choking hazard. We go in Friday so I'm bringing it up then. I really hope Zavier's don't need pulling.

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