The Batik Artist

Haven’t written any Afrika posts in awhile and have been thinking about doing another one on & off for awhile… and it just hit me the perfect post to do lol. Its another Zanzibar story..

One of the really interesting places to visit there is this old Omani fort. I’m pretty sure I went there w/ the guys the first year that I went to Zanzibar… but I know for sure that we went twice that last year. This story happened that last time that we went.  

Backing up a bit.. because we were on vacation, those of us there decided we were gonna go by our middle names that week. Well, one girl did her middle name & I did a variation of mine that got used a lot at the time… One of the guys picked something random & I don’t remember what the other did lol. 

We had a great week & I’m sure there’s other stories from it that may come up eventually… but it was ending and we were getting ready to fly back to Dar es Salaam and then onto Moshi. But we had some time left before we needed to get to the airport, so we went back to the fort…

One of the things you can do there is climb up into the towers and walk along (through) the walls and around. The one you go up has a batik artist who paints in there, I’m pretty sure you can buy from him too. 

So we went up there, looked around at the batiks for a bit… and he asked me my name. I gave him the one I was going by… and then we walked out to go to the other side… One of the guys went back first and was already down and in the grassy area before I decided to head down too (long story that I’m not getting into here lol). So I walked back into the tower by myself and the artist spoke to me again… 

And propositioned me. 

Yes… I told him no. I don’t remember if I said it in Kiswahili or Arabic (apparently using the Arabic word for it is a… stronger… way to say it there, at least that’s what I was told… and only got used in rare occasions like this lol), but I remember being very shocked when I did. 

We ended up joking about it later, but is definitely something I won’t ever forget lol.


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