Has It Really Been 2 Weeks?

Yup… My little one is now 2 whole weeks old… and had his first 2 week checkup this morning. He was supposed to have two of them, but its been pouring rain here today and everyone’s been running behind to their appointments at the Birth Center. We came back to a message asking us if we could go in at 2:30 instead of 1:30, but Baba has to be at work so we get to reschedule in a bit.  

So the appointment we did go to today…

It was the first time he saw our Pedi… I’ll call her Dr. M just to make things easier. I prob should have done that before, but honestly didn’t think about it until I was discussing something online the other day. Anyways, his first time there and it went very well. 

He is gaining weight well… I don’t remember if I mentioned it, but at his 2 day visit at the BC he had gone down from 10lbs 1oz to 9lbs 7oz… which is normal. We were hoping for him to make it back up to his birth weight by today’s visit (again normal gain there). Not only did he lol.. but he’s up to 10lbs 13oz. So he’s definitely doing well there. He’s also grown an inch… is now 23 1/4 inches. I don’t remember the head measurments, but it was 64% on the growth charts (weight was 96% and he’s off the chart in height lol). That all reminds me a lot of Kalila, as an infant she was always towards the top in the first two and usually off the chart on one.. and towards the bottom on the head one. She was always closer to 30something on that one though lol. eta – I was generous there, just looked at earlier posts and saw one that had her at 9% for it… Of course the chart stuff really doesn’t mean anything (esp since I’m pretty sure they use the FF chart and not the BF ones), but its still interesting to see. 

She did see his little teeth. Almost didn’t because he was hiding them with his tongue lol… There was no talk about pulling if they go ahead and come all the way through (big relief there). From the way she worded it they wouldn’t even if they were all the way through at birth. 

And of course she listened to his heart and checked everything else.. She went ahead and explained everything to us, mostly stuff we’d discussed with the midwives, but I like that she does that. 

We also discussed the whole circ thing again. I’d talked to her on the phone before he was born, and through a receptionist afterwards. She would have done it but for his size (weight)… Long story short, she explained today why its best that its not being done till he’s older (has to be 6 months). Personally I liked that she brought up the fact that we can decide if we really want it done during that time. I’m pretty sure Baba liked the fact that she tried to reassure me about the whole thing when we said that he does want it done. Enough about that though… 

We talked about his eating and sleeping… Got a lucky comment over the sleeping because the little guy has been sleeping 6 hours at night the past few. I’m not sure how lucky that is… is nice getting the sleep, but he isn’t waking me for diaper changes during that time either and woke up with a little rash this morning because of it. I think I’m gonna pull out our pocket diapers and see if that helps with that. I’m pretty sure they’ll fit lol.

She also asked how Kalila’s doing with everything. Said that she looks like she’s doing well too. Thankfully we’re down to once a year visits with her… so she has until Sept/Oct until she has to go again. What made me laugh is that Kalila remembered that she gets a lollipop and sticker there and started asking as soon as Dr. M came in. 

Oh and she asked about his birth and all that while going over charts at the beginning. I don’t remember discussing it last time, but its been 2 years lol. I think I’ve forgotten a lot about those first few appointments. I couldn’t even remember if there were shots involved this time or not (nope). 

Was a pretty short visit over all… despite all the new patient paperwork lol.

And since we thought we had an hour until the next appointment we decided to run an errand in between. Quick Sams trip.. just for a couple items since we’re trying not to buy much until the move… just what we absolutely need in the meantime. 

As much as I really don’t like to do it, we decided to take Zavier in in his carseat (I’d rather it stay in the truck, just not comfortable with him spending that much time in it). It was just raining too hard and seemed easiest at the moment. He did ok though. Slept through the whole trip.

When we got back to the truck though… He got more than a bit upset as you can see here… 

And Kalila, the big helper that she is, decided to help us out. So cute!

I had to get one of just her too… Thought it was cute she was mimicking him.  

Ok, little miss is asking for more water now and I’m pretty sure I have a diaper or two to change, so I’m off!


4 thoughts on “Has It Really Been 2 Weeks?

  1. decembercapi says:

    hes just too cute! And Kalila looks like such a great big sister! Why do you need to wait for the circ?Oh! and I was also wondering, how did you get that recline for the infant carrier? I seem to have a problem with Cole's head flopping forward in his seat…even though the carrier says its level in its base.

  2. MK says:

    Thanks!When a baby is over 10 lbs they won't do them in office because the blood vessels are too big and there is a higher risk of bleeding out. From what I understand (she didn't get into this, but from what I've read…) at that point they have to be big enough to be given a general anesthetic or whatever, so they have to wait until they're older… 6 months. And it has to be done in a hospital setting. Lovely right?That's just the way ours goes… I don't know if its the seat in our truck or the particular carrier or what.If yours says its level but doesn't seem like it maybe get it checked (if you haven't already). Is probably ok, but the check places are free and wouldn't hurt.

  3. Salma says:

    Beautiful baby, I was waiting for some pics. I wonder if the cir rule is the same here in Canada, never thought about it before. Hmm.Well oyu are a gorgeous family.

  4. MK says:

    Thankyou! I would assume it'd be the same since its a risk thing. But… it could be diff. Curious now lol.

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