Another Look At Wonder Wraps

So stinking confused here. I could have swore I posted a second time on these covers already… I guess I didn’t though… 

Wonder Wraps

I posted before that I had mixed feelings on them. Leaned more towards disliking them even… but something happened awhile back that really changed my mind. 

Kalila had this horrible diaper. I’ll spare details here. Lets just say it was bad. And Kalila being Kalila she tried to avoid a diaper change. She started running circles around our dining room… bad enough when you’re tired and very pregnant but if I’d known what was coming I would have really feared for our carpet lol. Finally I caught her and got her into the tub.. got the diaper off and was shocked that none of it leaked out. 

I now like those covers. 

Skip forward a few weeks…

I was washing our Duo covers and needed one for Zavier. For a second wasn’t sure what I would do, when I realized we had this cover clean and it is a one size cover. So I tried it on him.

Kalila was a bit taken aback. She told me it was hers lol. Thankfully she didn’t really get upset and took our explanation pretty easily.

It worked just fine on him… Size fits well. I had it on the smallest setting and it still fit him pretty well, wasn’t too small on it yet. I think the velcro helps with that. 

Sorry, not the best pic of him in it though lol.

7 thoughts on “Another Look At Wonder Wraps

  1. kim says:

    glad u found something you liked and works well.

  2. MK says:

    Yeah, I've been lucky… I've liked most of the ones we've tried. Even the Bummis I liked for awhile. Was just when Kalila outgrew them so fast and they fell apart that my opinion changed on those lol. Every other brand has been great though. That I've tried so far lol.

  3. Deltaflute says:

    they've discontinued them. shame.

  4. MK says:

    What?? Are you talking about at Go Baby Go? Because I just found that they put out new colours in general lol. Gonna check the site I do most of my business with and see if they still have them.

  5. Deltaflute says:

    No the line has been changed to GroVia and they've discontinued the wonderwrap entirely. I've tried to see where I read that they discontinued the wonderwrap, but I can't remember. Kelly'sCloset is selling it for a little over 10 dollars. And Go Baby Go has it discounted as well. The shells for the snap ins are still available in different colors and under the new brand name.

  6. Deltaflute says:

    Found it. if you click under covers on the go baby go website it tells you that the company has discontinued the cover. I knew that I read it somewhere.

  7. MK says:

    Now I'm even more confused. Its still at the store I have my stuff at and I don't see anything mentioned about a cover period (even discontinuing it) on the GroVia site. That stinks if they are though. I don't like the hybrid idea.

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