Too Many Posts!

Or – Too Many Titles.  

I had this one set and then started to rename it “I Want The Water Back”. It could also be “Its Gonna Be A Crazy Week” or… I could probably think of a few others but you get my point.


 I didn’t really write as much as it looked like yesterday. LOL That completely happened by accident.

First I scheduled the diaper cover post for that day… not realizing it would be when the appointment would be scheduled (I wrote it before we got that done). 

Then I took so long getting the menu done that it didn’t post until early yesterday morning, putting the date wrong. 

And of course we had the appointment & I had to write about that lol… 

It was one of those days… really. 

I ran the washer with no detergent. 

Found out oatmeal is a bad idea for me right now lol.

Zavier was a bit fussy… I’m blaming it on the blood test. Who knows really, but still. He pretty much wanted to nurse or cuddle all day long after the appointment. ALL DAY LONG. Not that I really mind of course, but I did have stuff to do. Like pack.

One bookshelf is emptied though, and the second is almost done  🙂

And I got some great news. For some reason our records were showing that we’d need to pay for a Rhogam shot, we couldn’t figure out why insurance wasn’t picking it up so we were planning to call. Well the BC did that for us and found out that our insurance did pick it up… which takes us from having two payments left to one..  

Kalila got cranky last night too. Was pretending to cry over bedtime.. you know that fake cry. :-/ Thankfully “Trevor’s Song” (I’m Yours) solved the problem.

I got some good pics of the kids before bedtime too…


As you can see… Yesterday was crazy. I doubt that will stop either since we’re neck deep in packing… more like ten feet above our heads deep in packing. Its nuts. 


Today is proving that point. Apparently a water nini burst in front of our apartment. Only affecting us and the people above us of course. The water has been off since 7 this morning… Meaning Baba had to leave for work early & stop by the other place for a shower. None of the rest of us have gotten one… The pitcher we keep water in in the fridge is empty so he had to leave what was in his water bottle for me & Kalila to have something to drink until they get it turned back on (2 hours from him leaving).  We have orange juice, but I don’t want her to have that much of that lol. 


Thankfully I got a call from Tia Sallie, who’s coming over later to help pack and/or hold Zavier while I do. Seriously I’d be a lot farther along but he wants to be held so much. I love our Sleepy Wrap, but the boxes we have are too deep and I have to bend too far over for it to be safe… and I can’t really get the stuff in one handed like I’d need to do while bending and such. 


Big progress last night… Zavier slept part of the night in his co-sleeper! 


Just had a phone call from the Pedi’s office… and I think everyone got confused at some point! 

They were calling about his hearing test. I couldn’t remember if they do it at the BC or not (they don’t) so I’d meant to ask at that second appointment and forgot. Oops. So Dr. M had her receptionist call to set something up assuming it hadn’t been done. I was planning to call today anyway to set up his 4 week appointment and asked if we could do that while we were on the phone and if I could get ahold of the BC and find out about the test. 

Well.. she was happy to make the appointment but asked if we were just released from the hospital. This is where I got confused. Hospital? Why would he be in the hospital? Then I realized she was thinking this was his first appointment, but that makes no sense considering I said 4 week… We got that straightened out and his appointment made.

Then I called the BC and found out he didn’t have the test, but that we could go into any hospital and have it done for free. They prob told me that when he was born or before but I don’t remember lol. 

So I called back… and told them that he hasn’t had it yet, so she started to put down info to have this place call me, etc.. and (thinking it’d be easier this way) I told them what I was told about the hospitals.. and she got quiet a second and then said something like “Oh.. so you’ll go back to your Birth Center and do it there?” – I explained that no, they don’t do them there.. and you could just hear the confusion in her voice when she said something about guessing I could call Methodist. We went w/ the people she was gonna have call us to begin with.. figured I’d make it easy on her lol. Since apparently the other wasn’t… Now waiting for them to call.


Kalila is cracking me up with some of the things she’s saying lately… 

Yesterday she told us that Gido’s name is Elizabeth… 

This morning she said that Zavier is her granddaughter…

and this afternoon.. this is prob my favourite (although the first is pretty close)… I said something about Zavier’s lip quivering and she tried to repeat it and said that his lip was crapping. So hard not to laugh… 


Ok, Little Mr is done eating and sound asleep now.. .So I’m off here and back to work on packing this place up!


3 thoughts on “Too Many Posts!

  1. Keith says:

    How soon are you moving? Good luck with it!

  2. katharine says:

    wow you are super busy!! hehe

  3. MK says:

    Keith – It showed up! Thanks… this weekend. Finally lol.Katharine – Yup… 😀

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