Baptism Poll

 Not quite starting to plan it yet, too much going on… but while I have both time to do this and time at the computer that I can’t get up and do what I need to be doing lol, I’m gonna put up a quick poll to get opinions.

Baptism gowns… 

I’ve found 3 options. Am waiting to hear from Baba what he thinks about them… I honestly am drawing a blank on which one I like best. I’ll admit it, I’m indecisive. With Kalila it was easy, we only had one real option (we’d have had more… but the rest were all floofy) and it just so happened we had a coupon for a good amount off an item from the store that carried it (BRU) so we weren’t gonna look online for another. I’ve only found one place in town w/ boys gowns (I don’t care for the suits) and its so out of price range its not even funny. I see no point in that… Was nice though. Anyways, long story short I got online this time and found these options and there we go. Hopefully Baba will have a big preference for one above the others lol. 

Option A. 

Option B.

Option C.

Technically there’s a fourth very similar to the last one, but seems fuller and with more pleats. It has the same collar as that one, but the picture of it is better… here –

See its not as twisted as the one above lol. Is the same company though and has the same title so I think C just has a bad picture of it.  Anyways, I don’t care for the extra pleats and stuff.. plus its shown on a random website where C is on Amazon and would be easier to buy from.

Now obviously this poll (will go on the side above the SleepyWrap link) isn’t going to decide anything. I’m just curious what yall think. And feel free to comment what you like/dislike about any particular one. Even if it doesn’t decide anything, the comments might give us something to discuss if he doesn’t have a preference lol. (Please let that not happen though…) 

Eta – I kinda mentioned this in a comment, but so no one is confused.. option a isn’t gown or suit option, its a combo thing. The bottom part (skirt? lol) can come off to turn it into the suit for use after the Baptism. 


9 thoughts on “Baptism Poll

  1. kim says:

    option a…but i like the pants option better. I do not like option c at all (just my opinion).My boys were all baptised in gowns since my MIL made them all outfits. They were kinda plain and cotton with a collar like A.But, I always wanted to buy them the boy's suits instead…lol.

  2. Mistika says:

    I love option A

  3. MK says:

    Kim – Yeah, the thing I like about option A is that it does turn into pants, so we could adjust that after the Baptism… but at the same time I doubt we'll leave him in that long so probably a moot point lol. I also like that it has the suit looking top. I like the sleekness of the other two though (esp option c, but the sailor tie looks goofier in it than in the extra photo).

  4. Cam says:

    I love A too!

  5. Keith says:

    "A" all the way, hands down.

  6. MK says:

    Wow its unanimous so far… I think if A had the skirt of C (or even B) I would say the exact same thing. :-/ I like how "clean" the bottoms look on those. But the top is so cute on A… and we could get more pics out of it too since it turns into the little suit.

  7. Deborah says:

    I vote "A" all the way, also hands down. It's because it looks more like a suit, even with the skirt attached–the other two look more like dresses to me. (I have to admit, I'd go for a suit over the gown anyway for a boy, but to each her own.)

  8. MK says:

    Deborah – one of the things I like about it, is a good combo being a gown w/ a suit top. As for the suit thing… LOL I think it doesn't help that all the ones I've seen in store here are all extremely goofy looking. Plus I like how traditional the gowns are. As for the others looking like girls… I actually thought C was at first because the sailor knot looks so much like a bow in that picture lol. Is one of my issues with it…

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