What a Day…

We’ve had a big day around here… 

Zavier is officially paid for lol. I called in the last payment today. Such a relief to not owe anything. 

Tia Sallie came over for a good chunk of the day, just about the whole thing. She watched kids while I worked… although I have to say they’ve been good about letting me get more done when I’m on my own lately too. Helped me out some too.. and of course we got a chance to talk/catch up. Made plans for the guys Fathers Day this weekend… which I’m really looking forward to. 

Oh and apparently Zavier has a little crush on her. Kalila has one on Uncle Bud too… we’ve known that for awhile. But today he cried anytime she walked out of site lol. 

I kinda feel bad now because I just realized in all that was going on Kalila & I didn’t have the tea party I promised her today… I need to put up clothes I washed earlier but I may stop and do that real quick lol. She was so excited about it.


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