All That Hair…

LOL its so hot lately that Baba decided to get rid of his hair… 

Before pic…

I wish I could say I got an after pic, but I didn’t exactly. I wanted one of him sitting/standing like the first… but he decided to take a nap & he and Zavier were just so cute that I tried to get a pic then and accidentally got a video. Our speakers aren’t hooked up so I’m hoping it turned out ok lol. 

If you can’t tell Zavier was a little tired by that point lol. He slept a bit after this, woke up to eat again and then fell asleep pretty quickly and is still out. He’s been sleeping good stretches for awhile now and the past few days I’ve really noticed him being awake longer and doing more things while he is, playing and stuff… I can’t wait to get video’s and pics of it now that the good camera is working (ie batteries recharged). 


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