NIP Uncovered…

Was planning to write this post at some point soon, just not tonight. But… I found this blog, a post on a completely different subject (that part of me would love to post about… but I’m not sure I can do it w/out getting upset and would get in trouble on top of that) and out of curiousity clicked on her newest post.. and had to share it. 

I’m not going to go into a lot of details. I really don’t pay attention to the Kardashians.. but some things you just can’t avoid seeing and one of them royally sticking her foot in her mouth (via Twitter) was one of them. I’d heard about it earlier… but this post on it is stinking hilarious.  Link – Kardashian’s Call To Cover Up

On a similar subject… and what I’d intended to write to begin with.. Everything is going great in that area here. I do still tend to use a blanket (poor Zavier lol) when we’re at Church or around a few certain people. It makes things a lot more complicated especially when no more is really covered than when I nurse uncovered (potentially less if the baby throws it at the wrong time, happened with Kalila), but… still. I have gotten better around a few of them out of necessity. 

But the big thing I just had to share was an NIP experience a week or so ago. We ran to Home Depot w/ Gido to look for something or another (I forget lol). While we were there Zavier got hungry… of course… we’d been out for awhile. Thankfully there was a good place to sit (I can while walking around, but its not easy esp with his size), the patio section. We headed over there (me & Zavier, the others were across the store still lol) and got situated. A few minutes later a lady walked up and said “The best kind of food…” and walked off.  Seriously I think it was the best comment I’ve ever gotten on the subject. Just made me feel good.

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