Happy Fathers Day!

Hope everyone’s had a wonderful Father’s Day! 

Oddly enough I got the idea for Baba’s cake while I was planning the one for Kalila’s birthday lol (yes I am already starting to plan that somewhat). 

A few days ago I told Tia Sallie about it and we started making plans for them to come over.. She decided to make a cake for Uncle Bud too. 

Not quite Father’s Day related (although I joke that its my gift to Baba) she came early to do my hair.

The cake… It didn’t turn out quite like I’d planned… for one thing I ended up not doing a chocolate marshmallow fondant, just a marshmallow one. And since it wasn’t chocolate I let Baba pick the colour… I like the shade of blue it turned out though lol. I was also gonna do fondant squares w/ buttercream handprints on them… but we had so much trouble with it (Uncle Bud helped and he had trouble too… was finally the one to get it to go on though) that I scrapped that idea and just put the prints on the first layer. As you can see Kalila went nuts w/ her first one and grabbed at the fondant. Then smeared her handprint. Then Zavier took a cue from her and grabbed at it too. I don’t know if you can see it in the pic, but I left that part all lumpy from it. Then he wouldn’t open his hands back up so we went w/ feet print (yes all hands/feet were washed beforehand lol). Even if it wasn’t what I had in mind I loved it, so cute… and with kids you know something was gonna happen lol.   

Tia Sallie did cupcakes… I forgot to get a pic, but just think yellow cake, choc icing. They were good too lol. 

Baba made steak and salad… Gido came over too. And here are a couple more random pics from the night. 


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