Damn Suicidal Flies

I’m pretty sure I mentioned that there’s little things we have to fix up around here… One of them has this unfortunate side effect of way too many bugs having access to our house. The main entrance for them is underneath the back door (in the laundry room). There’s about a 1 to 2 inch space under the door. Thankfully Baba & Gido have plans to work on that very soon. But in the meantime it leaves me fighting bugs (esp flies) constantly… annoying but not much of a real problem until a few days ago.

Saturday I went to put up these fly motels… and accidently crushed one with the outside of the thing. I laughed at it, but looking back why didn’t it move when I came at it?

I woke up Sunday morning to find a million of them on the glass door in the kitchen. Not by the trashcan or sink or anything like that… Just covering the door. I made sure the flytraps were still set up (they were… but only one fly has gone in there to get stuck.. one did catch a huge spider though! Uggh…) and then got online to find other options. Saw the bag of water trick… Tried putting one up, but it fell and exploded on the floor. Lovely. 

Then Tia Sallie came over and suggested mixing dish soap and water to try and coat their wings. Sounds like it could work… and it did. Better than we thought because they don’t try and fly away from us. I can pick the things off with the spray bottle one after another! Of course that’s followed by a nasty cleanup of dead fly bodies… But we got them completely gone that night. Very happy.

Yesterday morning we woke up to more… covering that same door all over again. Now the first time part of me wondered if maybe sticky hands tracked something on there that I’d missed… but they were thouroghly cleaned the night before. Spray bottle out… dead flies. More cleanup.

Then today.. AGAIN. 

Seriously something is wrong with those things. I’ve never seen flies act like this… 


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