And Still The Cough…

Kalila did not cough hardly at all yesterday. A couple times towards the night, but that was it… She’s acting like she feels a ton better too.

Zavier on the other hand… His cough has me worried. I called Dr M this morning and found out pretty much what I already know… Still too young to give him anything, and no point taking him in since he has no fever, is eating well and all. Suction his nose (if only I can find the stinking thing to do it with). Elevate him… she did give me tips on how to do that, esp with the pack n play. I remember putting Kalila in her bouncer the one time she had a cold this young (well was a bit older, was 3 months old before it happened) but Zavier has decided he hates the thing. Loved it for the first few weeks… was the only way I could get him to sleep anywhere other than on me. Now putting him in it is an easy way to guarantee screaming… lots and lots of screaming. Yesterday he wanted to be held a lot so I put him in his wrap and he did really well in it. Probably going to be doing the same today… so far he’s not thrilled with the pack n play solution lol. 

Thankfully he doesn’t seem too upset by all this. Still giving us that cute smile. Maybe a little more cuddly than normal, but still seems happy.


2 thoughts on “And Still The Cough…

  1. Salma says:

    He sounds like an angel really. If he can still give the little smiles and cry I think it's a good sign right? As oppose to not having the strength to do anything. I don't know..maybe.One way or another, I pray that they both recover soon.

  2. MK says:

    Thanks. I think so too… and so did the pedi.

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