So Proud…

2 really big things today… 

One – Zavier had his 2 month checkup. It went really well. 

He’s 13lbs1oz… which means he’s dropped a little on the chart (not that the chart really means anything to begin with), but no worries because he’s still gaining weight, and still on the high end (very high end) of it.  I’m assuming its either from him getting sick last week or because he’s spacing his feedings out to a little more normal range lol. Or both. Either way, Dr M was happy with his gain and so are we of course. His measurment… honestly I think it was a little off. It went down in the records as 24 and 3/4 inches, but he wasn’t quite straightened out when the nurse marked it… and it looked closer to 25 when she put the tape to the paper (like just shy of) so I’m thinking he’s probably 25… but oh well lol.  

She listened for a long time to his lungs and they’re completely clear and everything looks/sounds good. I was a little worried since he’s still getting over what he had. The cough is starting to go away, but hanging on a little. 

We talked about his sleeping arrangements… and the fact that he’s rolling and refusing to sleep on his back. She was very reassuring about that. I still don’t like it, but like she said… I am right there so that helps. 

Oh.. and he seems to like Dr. M too. Smiled at her a lot and stuff. Was cute. 

Then the shots. 

His first shots. Thankfully I did better than I did w/ Kalila on hers. I bawled when they gave her the first ones lol. 

The nurse knows me well now too lol. I was expecting to have to ask about me holding/nursing him while she did it (as opposed to the holding him down on the table thing that I hate), but she remembered and asked me if I wanted to do it where I was sitting instead. Like Kalila did most times (a few she didn’t) he unlatched when she gave him the shots and screamed for a few seconds… He actually turned bright red… kinda like Grandpa when he gets mad lol. I felt bad for him, but… it was literally like 5 seconds worth and then he was fine. The crying had stopped before the band aid was even put on. 

But… I have to share what happened right after that. While she was putting the band aid on he latched back on and nursed a few seconds… great, just what we hoped. But then he unlatched, looked up at me, opened his mouth… and bit down! Opened back up.. and then latched on and nursed a few minutes while we got ready to go. Yeah.. he bit me. Seriously. Got mad and bit me. I was shocked… 

Ok, not sure how to continue after that lol… Those are at the end of the appointment though so we got out and set up his 4 month appointment and I found out how to do the next round of vax’s (he got 2 today, and is getting 2 at 3 months instead of having 4 today). Which turns out is extremely easy, we just have to walk in whichever day works out for us.  

He seems to be doing well after the ones he got too. Fell asleep soon after and is pretty calm now.

Now on to the second thing… Kalila’s potty training. 

A few days ago someone posted something about this being the perfect time to potty train.. or so says the Farmers Almanac. I saw the link, it really does say that. Kinda funny right? Well that night she used her potty! And then the next morning… I can’t remember what that first day was (2 or 3 days ago?) but she’s consistantly been using it since… Has only had one accident and it was at night… and she ran to the bathroom when it happened.

So today we got ready to go out and let her go in her training pants (slightly thicker panties). She was a little upset because she wanted her regular panties, but… not sure we’re ready for that while out yet. As is these would still get things wet. Packed extra’s and a couple dresses for her too lol. 

Well… after the appointment we went for food… I put sandwiches on our menu today knowing that we would probably end up doing this. The appointment and errands (I’m surprised I’m back here right now, unplanned break) meant it most likely happen.. and I was right. So we went to eat and before we left asked her if she needed to go. She said yes, Baba took her to the restroom & she did! 

Seriously proud of her… I know its still gonna take time. But still. Very excited. And so is she…


4 thoughts on “So Proud…

  1. Deltaflute says:

    Congrats on the potty training! I bet it's a giant relief and will be even a bigger one once she gets the hang of things.LOL about the nurse. My pedi's nurse always has us hold him in our lap and/or nurse him. The only time he's ever on the exam table is when they measure him. Even the pedi does her exam with him sitting on my lap. I guess that I lucked out on the pedi thing.Oh, how's K's lactose/milk thing going? I assume since she's gotten over her bug that things are going better. Just Curious.

  2. MK says:

    Thanks! Definately will be… Of course as soon as I wrote the post she had a huge accident lol. But, its gonna happen.Another sign you have a good pedi! Ours does the exam on the table, my lap would be great but neither of my kids have minded either so I'm not gonna push it. Zavier coo'd and smiled through the whole thing. The first time we saw our nurse (we've had a diff one maybe twice) we asked about nursing through the shots and she flipped out on us. Another nurse had already done it and that round had gone so well… I was shocked by her reaction. The next time we came in she came in and apologized. After we'd left she'd talked to our pedi & they looked it up together and decided it was ok to do. Lactose… She's over the illness and back to normal, good normal, so we're gonna start adding things back in. Since we're assuming its not to the extreme we're gonna add products with it in there (like the breads) first.. see how she does and go from there.

  3. Salma says:

    Right on Kalila…everything in its time right?I didn't bawl for the shots, but I bawled when Dr's nurse wasn't very nice to me (after the fact) because I asked alot of questions to the Dr. about shots etc, and she wanted to get out of the room. What's with the nurses? Well yours apologized, so that's good.Oh well, Zavier's alright and Mama's happy right?

  4. kim says:

    sounds like everyone is good and yeah to kalila on potty training

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