First Impressions – Katydid

Still laughing a little over the timing here. Yesterday I got the email that my last FG order shipped. Whoo hoo! Went to check the mail and part of it was already here…

Katydid’s. I almost didn’t want to try them. They remind me a lot of a snap version of BG’s…. at least on computer. Ok, really they look more like FuzzyBunz, but still.  Very few colour choices, not that that is important.  Plus we weren’t gonna buy more pockets. 

But Zavier needed some for night time… and I poured over FG’s pocket and AIO sections. These were a good price (even if I’m using the credits, I want to get the most I can for them) and by then I’d heard some good things about them. I put one in my cart and then right before checking out switched from having two of another brand to two of these. 

I’m kinda glad I did now… Of course we’ll see how they work, but I love the look and feel of them. The insides are incredibly soft. Having kids w/ sensitive skin that’s a pretty big plus. I still wish there were more choices for colours or prints, but… I like the ones I chose. 

Oh and I saw the tracking thing this morning that my package just left. Still hits me as funny… but the other 2 will be here soon & I’m very much looking forward to seeing them too.


3 thoughts on “First Impressions – Katydid

  1. Sole Sister says:

    They are so on top of it. Hmm, with all this diaper talk, I need to start thinking about what my little one will wear.Can you give me some info on these companies?My email:letterstoherroom@gmail.comThanks

  2. katharine says:

    are you getting them with the swagbucks? which company? (I'm horrible with the letter

  3. MK says:

    Salma – Sure 🙂 Already sent the email, hope it went through.Katharine – Franklin Goose. They had a promotion awhile back where you got $5 per review… I was able to do quite a few. I only get Amazon cards from Swagbucks and haven't seen Katydid's on there. Something to look for though 🙂 Right now I only have one gift card and a ways from my next there though.

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