I feel kinda dumb right now… Long story short… its not the milk that’s the problem, or at least not a main one (she could still be lactose intolerant, we’ll have to watch and see). 

I mentioned what happened yesterday to Baba and he brought up that she’d been eating some dairy for days w/ no problems. I’d thought about it myself but just figured maybe it just caught up with her. I went to bed thinking about what she ate that day and then it hit me. She had a peanut butter sandwich..

Every time she’s had that problem she’s been eating them. 

Not only that… but the time she was “dairy free” she stopped eating them too. Not something I intended to do together, but she just started refusing to eat them. She has twice since then… the first time was at Grans and she did get sick after, but we put it to dairy still getting out of her system. And yesterday… 

I feel bad that I didn’t piece that together. When I think about peanuts being a problem though, I think about the horrible allergies… not just an intolerance. She doesn’t get hives or anything awful like that so I just didn’t think… Confused looking it up though because while diarrhea can be a sign of allergy or intolerance, its not one mentioned for peanuts.  Apparently intolerance to them usually is heartburn.. Strange. Maybe something else in the PB? Baba’s thought there. I don’t know… 

Edit: No its listed as one of the symptoms for both peanut intolerance or allergy. Lovely. But at least we’re not loosing our minds here (or not completely lol). 

So yeah… may not be dairy at all. It made sense that it would be… and I’m still gonna keep an eye on her as we’re reintroducing it.  

Oh and the comment about getting her tested… really does seem like a good idea. Something we’ll prob discuss at her next checkup.  

Editing again: Just talked to Grandpa & found out Tia Banay is allergic to PB… not the peanuts themselves  (she can eat the natural PB, just not the regular kind) but something else in it. Something else to look at, get her good again and try the natural kind maybe. Rule out that its not the same thing as her aunt. 


8 thoughts on “Coincidence?

  1. Deltaflute says:

    Hopefully it's just peanut butter. That's easy enough to amend. Easier than dairy anyway. Prayers

  2. MK says:

    Thanks. I'm hoping its like my sis… but even peanuts in general are easier than dairy. I was just talking to Gido about that lol.

  3. Peanut Butter….or peanuts is a major trigger for my migraines…. not the same problem as Kalila but still something that I have because of them… that's not a usual response either. I LOVE Soy Nut Butter… it tastes pretty much the same as peanut butter and cooks the same as well, but it is totally peanut free.

  4. MK says:

    Uggh, back to the soy lol. I disliked her having it in the veggie cheese and margerines while we were dairy free… No if its really peanuts and not the same as Banays then we'll try almond butter… if that doesn't work we'll go back to the sun butter like we did before she was old enough for peanut butter. Its kinda expensive but it does taste great. Sorry about the migranes though. I knew you dealt with them alot. Not fun.

  5. Katharine says:

    what brand of peanut butter do you use?

    I had to switch when I cut out soy.

    If its something IN the peanut butter…maybe its that? Oh..but at the same time…sounds like she was having soy anyways when you made the dairy switch.

    • Mama Kalila says:

      We use Jiff. I’d say maybe it is that, except she did have a lot of soy when we cut out milk and still got better. I dont think my sis has probs with it either, could be wrong but we eat Chinese a lot and one of the soups we like has tofu in it. But Banay & Kalila could be reacting to two diff things too, esp since they don’t react the same way to it. My FIL thinks it might be the oils..

  6. Katharine says:

    yea its probably not soy…just something that popped into my head! haha…i used to use jiff but it has soy oil in it…so…i switched to peter pan…lol

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