Happy 4th!

Well.. Baba had to work. Tia Sallie & Uncle Bud ended up not coming over. But I still made my pie and we ended up having a fun night anyway.  

Gido took Kalila for a walk while I baked the pie…

I know the stars are a little off… Why I thought I could cut them out when I can’t even draw one I have no idea lol. It was fun though and smells great. And its my first pie ever, so I’m not expecting much lol.

When it was done I took Zavier and started over to the neighbors. Two diff ones were having nini’s outside and I ended up at the “wrong one” lol. As soon as I crossed the street one of them met me and led me to her place. The others had invited us earlier. Anyways I got to visit w/ them for awhile and headed over to the others after Gido and Kalila got there. We could see the fireworks from there, prob could have from our backyard too but it was nice meeting people and watching Kalila play with the kids. Plus she went nuts over the fireworks. What wasn’t cool was little miss snuck a soda again… I managed to catch her about half way through it. Someone tried to feed Zavier too, but thankfully I caught her telling someone first. But yeah, other than that it was nice.. I wish Baba could have been here… but… He should be home soon. 

And completely random, Kalila was telling me that the dragon was scaring her tonight… on the pack n play? Yeah.. no dragon there. 

😀 Yay! Baba’s home now… Gotta run! 


2 thoughts on “Happy 4th!

  1. Sole Sister says:

    Looks lovely, I bet it's all gone by now.Hope you had a marvelous day with family.Thanks a million for all that info you provided, I actually just printed it out to share with hubby because I know he wouldn't care unless I shove it in his face. It was very nice of you to do all that writing.

  2. MK says:

    Thanks 🙂 We really did. And there is some pie left still… but not much lol. And no problem. I've actually done that for people a few times now, keep thinking that I should save a copy and just adjust it as I need to but haven't done it yet :-). Luckily I didn't have to print anything out for my hubby… he wanted to use cloth before I was even willing to think about it lol. Other subjects though… I learned the hard way letting him research on his own can end up with bad info lol.

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